The Showdown High Voltage Thrash Collectors Edition

Girder to release Collector Editions of The Showdown - Backbreaker and Blood In The Gears

I hear it over and over and over, "Music today just doesn't sound as good as it used to. It all sounds the same."

Honestly, those comments sounded like my dad when he used to scream at me to turn that racket down.  Every time I heard that comment from someone at a festival, I thought to myself, wow, that dude has never heard The Showdown or experienced their bludgeoning thrash onslaught that David and his bandmates would impale on an unsuspecting crowd.  To watch fans react to Dave screaming GET SNAKE BIT and blow the crowd away with song after song of metal, thrash, and even southern rock. Fans were left with an experience that was second to none, most standing there in awe or immediately off to find the bands' merch table.  The Showdown were invited to Ozzfest in 2007 for one very good reason. These dudes knew metal, and knew what fans wanted: Inspired riffing a la Pantera and giving fans that were experiencing in those years Underoath, The Chariot, and August Burns Red something completely different and exciting...metal with killer guitar riffs.  For 80's metalheads everywhere, it was so refreshing, specifically in the Christian metal scene. 

The Showdown exploded on the scene unapologetically with A Chorus of Obliteration on the Mono vs. Stereo record label, and then immediately changed the tempo to more of a classic metal sound with the album called Temptation Come My Way, which is still hailed as one of the greatest classic metal albums to come out of the 2000s. But when Backbreaker dropped on Solid State Records, all bets were off and the band found their rightful place among metal and thrash metal heavyweights. It's no wonder why these guys shared the stage with bands like Killswitch Engage.  To put it in simple terms, other than the classic albums from Resurrection Band (Awaiting Your Reply and Rainbow’s End) both Backbreaker and its follow up Blood in the Gears are my absolute favorite albums of all-time. Backbreaker is loaded with guitar riffs, anthem-like metal, and even some good old southern influences formed out of the swamps of the south. Whatever you do, do not leave this earth without experiencing these two albums. If you like your metal loud and you believe that heavy metal will never die, these two albums will give you all the ammunition you need to scream at the top of your lungs that heavy metal ruled supreme in 2008-2010. 

I honestly can tell you that you will put these CDs in your stereo, and they won't leave for quite some time. While most albums age overtime, these are the exception to the rule.  These albums only get better with age.  

It's a real honor to be able to release these officially licensed and band supported albums on Solid State with the Girder Treatment, and although they are not remastered (because they are perfect as is) you are getting 3 bonus tracks on the Blood in the Gears Deluxe Edition, and both come with cool O-ring collector sleeve with LTD collector cards.  Backbreaker comes with a 12-panel fold out insert/poster, because it included one of the greatest album covers the Christian metal scene has ever witnessed.  I mean, what's more metal than a ripped dude standing there with arrows impaling him, completely unaffected.

Don’t hesitate for a minute to purchase these heavier than thou metal classics, and get ready to bang your head to the sound of high voltage thrash that is the essence of this amazing band The Showdown!


Girder Records Announces Pre-Orders for The Showdown's Backbreaker (Collectors Edition) and Blood In the Gears (Collectors Edition). Both albums contain collector sleeve and LTD Gold Foil Collector Cards. Blood In the Gears contains 3 bonus tracks as well. 

May 17, 2023 - Girder Records, a prominent name in the music industry, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated re-release of two groundbreaking albums by the renowned band, The Showdown. Fans and music enthusiasts alike can now pre-order the remastered editions of "Backbreaker" and "Blood In the Gears," which come with exclusive Limited Edition Gold Foil Collector Cards and collector sleeves. These albums are set to launch on July 20th.

Originally released on Solid State Records in 2008, "Backbreaker" quickly made waves in the metal scene, capturing the essence of The Showdown's raw energy and relentless drive. This album, showcases the band's signature sound, blending intense riffs, thunderous drums, and powerful vocals that resonate with listeners. With its memorable tracks and captivating lyrical themes, "Backbreaker" has cemented its place as a classic within the genre.

Following the success of "Backbreaker," Solid State Records released "Blood In the Gears" in 2010, marking a pivotal moment in The Showdown's career. This album pushed the boundaries of their musical prowess, seamlessly fusing elements of heavy metal and thrash. With its aggressive hooks, intricate guitar work, and thought-provoking lyrics, "Blood In the Gears" captivated audiences worldwide and solidified The Showdown's status as one of the most innovative bands in the industry.

In celebration of these landmark albums, Girder Records is offering an exclusive opportunity to pre-order both "Backbreaker" and "Blood In the Gears" starting May 18th. Fans who pre-order both will receive three free bonus collector cards featuring popular phrases used through the showdowns career such as Get Snake Bit, Heavy Metal Till I Die and High Voltage Heavy Metal. 

As an added treat for collectors and dedicated fans, each copy of "Backbreaker" and "Blood In the Gears" includes Limited Edition Gold Foil Collector Cards. These beautifully designed cards feature iconic imagery from the albums and are a must-have for enthusiasts looking to own a piece of The Showdown's legacy. 

"We are thrilled to bring these exceptional albums by The Showdown back to life," said Greg spokesperson for Girder Records. "The remastered editions of 'Backbreaker' and 'Blood In the Gears' truly showcase the band's incredible talent and the enduring impact of their music. With the addition of the Collector Sleeves and Limited Edition Gold Foil Collector Cards, we aim to provide fans with a truly special and collectible experience."

Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to own these collector editions of The Showdown's "Backbreaker" and "Blood In the Gears," accompanied by Limited Edition Gold Foil Collector Cards. Pre-orders start on May 18th, and the albums will be officially released on July 20th. For more information and to secure your copies, visit 

About Girder Records:
Girder Records is a leading music label known for its commitment to delivering exceptional music to fans across the globe. With a focus on diverse genres and an unwavering passion for music, Girder Records continues to support and promote talented artists, bringing their creativity to the forefront of the industry.
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