Human Code Announces Debut Album "Break The Silence" via Girder Records

View the Official Press Release At This Link

View the Official Press Release At This Link

Rarely does a band come along that seems to have it all—the look, the music, the chops, fan support, and the production. This band has the "it" factor. Introducing Human Code. After steadily building momentum over the past few years, it’s official: Human Code is joining the Girder Records family.

Produced by Dino Elefante, whose illustrious career spans over 300 records with rock icons like Kansas, Petra, Mastedon, John Elefante, and Guardian, as well as contributions to motion picture soundtracks, and George Ochoa (Recon, Woldview, Deliverance). 

Founded in 2020 in Los Angeles, California, Human Code is a powerhouse ensemble comprising seasoned industry veterans. Michael Drive, former lead vocalist of EMI's Barren Cross, lends his powerful voice to the band, while George Ochoa, a virtuoso guitarist and keyboardist known for his work with Deliverance, Recon, Worldview, and Vengeance, brings his rich musical experience to the table. Drummer Terry Russell, previously of Word recording artist Holy Soldier, adds his dynamic rhythms, and Todd Libby, a skilled bassist and keyboardist who has graced stages with Recon and Worldview, completes the lineup.

Break The Silence
 drops on July 19th and will be followed by an electrifying performance at Immortal Fest on July 27th—a show you won’t want to miss.

This 10-track powerhouse of an album delivers hard-hitting, face-melting rock that transcends the typical 80s metal revival. It's heavy both musically and lyrically. "When Dino told us that it was one of the best things he's heard in 20 years, I was skeptical," admitted Greg at Girder Records. "But wow, was he 100% accurate in his assessment."

Tracks like "Socially Incorrect" and the title track "Break The Silence" are poised to become timeless anthems. The best bands have staying power, and their songs endure. Trust us when we say, "This album exceeds all expectations." With seasoned professionals who have perfected their craft, this collection of rock anthems, combined with an unparalleled stage presence, is second to none.

Don't miss out on Break The Silence, available July 19th. Pre-order your copy at starting May 31st.


1. Break the silence (3:30)
2. Say what you mean (3:56)
3. Rain (5:10)
4. Genetic Dysfunction (5:21)
5. Don’t kill the messenger (4:29)
6. Evermore (5:32)
7. 40 Seconds (6:11)
8. Socially incorrect (4:45)
9. Blame me (4:49)
10. Lying whispers (4:33)

Watch the Debut Video