On Vinyl for the First Time: Disciple Southern Hospitality, O God Save Us All.


  • Heavyweight Virgin Black Audiophile Pressing
  • Limited Run Vinyl™
  • 12"x12" Printed Insert with Lyrics
  • Poly-lined Sleeve
  • Release Date: OCT 31, 2022
  • Officially Licensed Product
  • Worked Directly With The Band

Disciple went from being just another hard rock and metal band in the mid nineties to being a force to be reckoned with. They are like a finely tuned muscle car.  Early on you need to make tweaks to the carburetors, change the oil and install new spark plugs to get that engine to purr. Once all that work is done. just light up those rubber tires and go.  Playing nearly every venue possible spreading the good news and rockin’ hard.  By 2005 they were beginning to find their groove with three number one songs and two Dove Award nominations.  In 2006 they hit gold with the song GAME ON, licensed by numerous shows and commercials including WWE, NFL and CSI: Miami found on Scars Remain. Thankfully, Disciple never called it quits, working tirelessly and  touring non-stop all while making new albums.


In 2008 Southern Hospitality dropped and gave us some of the bands great songs, such as their huge fist pumping song 321, the heavy hitting ballad Whatever the Reason and one of my favorites Lay My Burden’s Down, a bluesy rocker and that give you gosebumps guaranteed. Make no mistake about it,  just because they were well into their discography in 2008, doesn't mean this album is forgettable. Nothing could be further from the truth. IMO one of their best pieces of work is Southern Hospitality. On vinyl for the first time, it's going to be an experience like no other.

1. Southern Hospitality 3:30
2. Romance Me 3:32
3. 321 4:18
4. Whisper So Loud 3:39  

5. Whatever Reason 3:18
6. Phoenix Rising 3:45


1. Liar 3:57
2. Falling Star 3:44
3. Right There 3:22
4. On My Way Down 3:47

5. Lay My Burdens 4:45 / 6. Savior  4:21


Hard to believe that 2012 was 10 years ago. It's ever harder to believe that O God Save Us All was as hard as it was beautiful. This 10 year anniversary of the album proves that this album has longevity. From the opening tack OUTLAWS Disciple also proved that there are in this for good. There are so many hooks on this album.  Each songs hits hard one after another.  The first 4 tracks blend light they were all written to play in a row.  R.I.P., song 3 is reminiscent of their earlier works while not loosing any of the greatness that came with their later albums while Once and For All is as big of an anthem there is.  It sure seems like there are many fans of either the early 90's Disciple and then a later crowd with more current releases such as this one. If you haven't heard them in a while, this album will be a real delight. For fans that already know this album, you are in for a big treat finally having this on vinyl.  

1. Outlaws 3:32
2. O God Save Us All 3:18
3. R.I.P. 2:48
4. Once And For All 3:34
5. Someday 3:50
6. Draw The Line 3:24
1. Kings 2:54
2. Unstoppable 2:37
3. The One 3:02
4. Beautiful Scars 4:00
5. Trade A Moment 3:54
Kevin Young - Vocals
Micah Sannan - Guitars
Israel Beachy - Bass
Trent Reiff - Drums


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