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When Angelica first appeared, it was a project conceived byguitarist/songwriter Dennis Cameron with four albums beingreleased between the years of 1989 to 1992. After a 27 yearhiatus, Angelica has returned with a new release, but with atwist. The songs released during the project’s first run were typicalof the pop glam metal era, which is not to say that they werebad songs. They were known for Cameron’s guitar work andstraightforward lyrics, proclaiming a bold message. Thecompositions on this new Angelica recording are very modern withlots of low end and much more growl than the project’s earlysongs. The twist is that Without...

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 When we licensed the Angelica CDs from Frontline, we began some conversation with Dennis Cameron.  During the course of the conversation he mentioned that he thought he might have the demos buried somewhere in a box.  To say that I was excited is really understated.  We began to discuss this along with everything Angelica from the beginning.  I was a fan just like the rest of you, but wanted to know more and wanted to learn about all the missing pieces and items that are never discussed.  So Dennis and I began one of probably 35 phone calls about everything...

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