We Open Mastedon 3 and One Bad Pig Smash. See the Trading Cards First!

Trading Cards are Back

If you want to see Mastodon 3 as well as One Bad Pig Smash we open up both of these in Daily G episode 14. these cards turned out fantastic however the CDs are stunning as well. That Mastodon CD includes guitar work by Kerry livgren of Kansas as well as Dave Amato of REO Speedwagon. Of course vocalist John Elefante formerly of Kansas does an absolutely superb job. If you're a fan of the other two Mastodon albums and you have not heard this one, you need to get this. This is probably one of the best projects.

In case you were unaware it's not just a vinyl records making a huge comeback. Trading cards such as football, basketball, baseball and even Pokemon are making a major comeback. Back in the day kiss released a set of cards in 1977 that were rock and rollers dream. now you get to have trading cards with your favorite Christian rock albums to. the Mastodon three is card number one in a long set of series of cards.



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