Dynasty is Elite Brazilian Power Metal


  • Brazilian Power Metal
  • For fans of Narnia, Theocracy, Iron Maiden, DIO, Faith Factor, Haven and Divine Fire, Rob Rock and other Power Metal Icons
  • First Time Ever Released In the USA
Dynasty is well known Power Metal band in Brazil however in American and throughout the rest of the world they have flown under the radar as no product ever found its way to the states, but, we are about to change that.  Let me first say to you, anyone that knows this band knows the elite level of skill that these 5 guys possesses. When you listen to the first song on their first album from 2004 you'll wonder how you missed these guys... and it only gets better after that.  Warriors of the King is a superb Power Metal album on par with Rob Rock, Theocracy, Angra and other power metal greats.  Technical guitar is in abundance and YES, all the lyrics and vocals all in english.  Trust me when I say that these guys are worthy of the coveted Girder treatment.  For the first time ever, their 3 full length albums will be made available in American.  However we also included bonus tracks are all 3 albums.  The first album Motus Perpetuus, (2004) which simply means Perpetual Motion includes the bands' Following the Sign 3 Song EP from 2001. Step By Step (2017) contains 15 songs, 5 of which are bonus track as originally released in Brazil and  Warriors of the King (2010) includes an amazing cover of Holy Solider -  See No Evil and 4 bonus tracks one of which features Josh Kramer of Christian Metal band Saint

Read more about each album below.

Motus Perpetuus + 3 Bonus Tracks, LTD Collectors Card

  • Jewel Case CD w/ LTD Collectors Trading Card #108
  • Girder Records GR1152
  • Originally released in 2004
  • UPC: 765105159014
  • Lyrics and vocals in English

  • Motus Perpetuus is the first full-length album from Brazilian power metal band Dynasty, which was originally released in 2004. The 2022 reissue on Girder Records was given the coveted Girder treatment contains 3 bonus tracks from the Following the Sign EP and it is the first time any of their albums has been released outside of Brazil. It's also been completely remastered and comes in a Jewel Case. All words are in English and includes lyrics. For fans of Angra, Kamelot and Hammerfall.

    Not In Vain / Eternity / Against All Evil / The Word That Remains / Mitzvoth / Following The Sign / Another Chance / Salvation (Overcome) / Just For Loving You / The Time Is Over / Goldenland BONUS TRACKS Following the Sign EP The Word That Remains / Still Unknown / Overcome (Salvation)

    Step By Step (CD) + 5 Bonus Tracks, LTD Collectors Card

    • Jewel Case CD with LTD Collectors Trading Card #110
    • Includes 5 Bonus Tracks 
    • Girder Records GR1150
    • Originally released in 2017
    • UPC: 765105159021
    • Lyrics/Vocals in English
    Step by Step is the third full-length album from Brazilian Power Metal band Dynasty, which was originally released in 2017 on Marquee Records. The 2022 reissue on Girder Records is the first time the album has been released outside of Brazil. The album is a full-throttle, power metal assault that also includes 5 bonus tracks. If you love Power Metal bands like Angra, Kamelot and Hammerfall, this is a must have. Completely remastered and reloaded with the Girder treatment, complete with trading card. 

    Somnum Exterreri Solebat / Nightmare / Inside My Heart / Metal Pulse Radio / Step by Step / I’ll Be with You / Machado de Guerra / Sad Faces / Bad Politicians  / Evil’s Puppets  BONUS TRACKS  Goldenland’s Battle / Goldenland / Dentro de Mi Corazón / Hacha de Guerra / Caminar / Rex Militibus / Warriors of the King

    Dynasty - Warriors of the King + 4 Bonus Tracks (Josh Kramer of Saint), LTD Collectors Card

  • Includes 4 Bonus Tracks 
  • Jewel Case CD w/ LTD Collectors Trading Card #109
  • Girder Records GR1153
  • Originally released in 2010
  • UPC:  765105159021
  • Lyrics/Vocals in English

    Dynasty is a Brazilian Christian power metal band formed in 1996. Warriors of the King is the band’s second full-length and until now only available in Brazil.  The album has been completely remastered and includes 4 bonus tracks, one with Josh Kramer of SAINT on vocals.  If you love power metal bands like Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, Angra and Kamelot, you are going to love this elite power metal album. Songs like Warrior of the King are fast and furious with ripping thunderous guitar and gooves that will wet your appetite for more.  However make no mistake about it, this is full of hope, honor, and glory with songs like Warriors of the King, Holy Fire.  However one of their better moments can be found on the song Brighter of the Sun.  It's got all the makings of an epic metal song.  The album also contains a cover of Holy Soldier's See No Evil and a bonus track with none other than Josh Kramer of Saint sharing vocals. 

    Faith / Life Is A Miracle / Warriors Of The King / Holy Fire / King Of King / Brighter Than The Sun / Master of Disguise / See No Evil / Bloody War / Freak Show BONUS TRACKS The Honor / King of Kings (feat. Josh Kramer) / Open Your Eyes / The Mud


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