Angelica - Rock, Stock and Barrel (New-CD) *2019



We just released Angelica self-titled album, Walkin' In Faith and The Demo Session.  But after many, many request we are now proud to announce that Rock, Stock and Barrel is coming to Girder Records this November. Remastered and reloaded with a 8 page booklet in a jewel case. 

Dennis is prolific on this release with guitar solo after guitar solo. This is melodic AOR at its best.  Starting off with THE FIRE INSIDE, Dennis rips through solo after solo. This is melodic full of anthems and then the real magic begins when the 3rd song drops.  COVER ME is probably Angelica at it's best. Acoustic, powerful and wonderfully creative with just the right punch.  If you haven't heard this album you are in for a big surprise.  It kicks down the door and just keeps going song after song.  With Drew Bacca on vocals this thing just rocks.  

Sure Angelica's debut was a masterpiece however 3 albums in they seem to click on all cylinders.  It's masterful, wonderful and beautiful but also a real rocker with great production.  Their songwriting got better with time and although the constant change of vocalist plaque the band, what they did have was Dennis CCameron who was the mastermind behind every song and one of the greatest guitarist to ever grace Christian rock. 

Dennis inked a deal with Frontline’s new imprint label Intense Records and Angelica was born but not before speaking with Michael Bloodgood about the possibilities of joining Bloodgood. Dennis signed a 5 album record deal with Intense but the last album was never recorded and a ‘Greatest Hits’ was released in its place, Dennis was then released from his contract. Angelica released 4 albums in all. ‘ANGELICA’ (self-titled debut) was released in 1989, ‘WALKIN' IN FAITH’ in 1990, ‘ROCK STOCK & BARREL’ in 1991 and ‘TIME IS ALL IT TAKES’ in 1992. This release along with the other remastered albums marks the 30th anniversary of the debut release.

The Fire Inside 4:23
Someone To Believe In Me 4:46
Cover Me 4:54
Home Sweet Heaven 4:55
A Little Love 3:57
Sail Away 4:11
Keep Pushin’ On 4:46
Bumble Boob Groove 1:52
Rhyme & Reason 3:52
Without Words 4:26
Oh Canada 1:46

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Great Christian Rock.

A good rocking album from Angelica. My favorite is Cover Me.

Ivan Ramirez

This album, with the cool video for the single is a difficult one to review. Musically speaking, they do sound completely different to any band I know of so far. Yet they fall into melodic hard rock with AOR hints (like White Lion, Slaughter, 90s Aerosmith, etc). One thing is that the riffing style is very chaotic, not that clean (in terms of guitar players) so the riffs are all over the place. Solos are quite cool. Vocally it is a mixed bad. Dru is quite high as the vocal tone, but he does not scream. In this regard, no doubt that Rob Rock in the debut was far superior. This remastered edition, for fans and collectors is the edition to have. A cleaner sound, more refined and polish certainly helps to have this edition over the original (I sold the original to keep this one alone), even if the vintage pics and overall design was not the best (from the Intense records original design) so they do what they can here with what they have. I like this one a lot and gets a lot of airplay since it is still organic as the debut, avoiding using programmed drums and it does not sound yet over synthetic and plastic.

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