ACCUSER - REFLECTIONS (*NEW-BLACK VINYL RECORD, 2022, Brutal Planet) elite German Thrash

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  • Part of the elite Metal Icon Series on Brutal Planet Records
  • 4 Panel J-Cards for cassettes
  • Limited to just 100 Cassettes
  • Limited to just 200 Vinyl Records
  • Limited to just 1000 CDs with expanded booklets
  • Digitally remastered to perfection
  • Limited edition foil-stamped collector cards (1st pressing CD only)
  • Available on limited edition CD, Cassette, and Vinyl (for the first time ever!)


It’s good to know that Accuser is around, the thrash metal scene kind of feels safer with their intense rifforamas keeping the fans alive and moving; world domination continues to elude them, but the underground has already preserved a firm spot for them in the “reliant metal stalwarts” pantheon.
                                                  METAL-ARCHIVES REVIEWS 

Reflections is a pulverizing, knee-jerking, neck-snapping, head-banging assault to the ears. Accuser add some new, more modern ideas to their already aggressive thrash sound and come up with a cross between Machine Head and Testament with a Megadeth-like accessibility. This is one of those discs that are dangerous to play in your car because speed limits tend to be forgotten. Accuser are certainly one of the best, albeit one of the most unknown, of the thrash metal genre. Century Media released this disc in America with similar artwork and the exact same track listing and order. As far as I know, this is the only Accu§ER to see release in the US Should also mention that "Reflections" was produced by Alex Perialas who is know for his work with such bands as Testament and Wrathchild America.
            NOLIFETILMETAL REVIEWS (Scott Waters)

When talking about Teutonic (German) Thrash Legend Pioneers it’s essential to speak of
ACCU§ER with the same hushed reverence as SODOM, KREATOR, and DESTRUCTION. ACCU§ER is a thrash metal band from Kreuztal, Germany that formed in the early 80’s flying the crunchy speed & thrash metal flag with all the fervor of the most intense mosh pit imaginable. Despite not landing a contract with a major label for their early albums, the band continued to release a string of successful underground releases before disbanding for eight years. After Frank and René decided to get Accuser back together, the saga continued with the band releasing one album with Century Media and their three most recent albums with Metal Blade Records. The guitars are energetic and thick as a brick with aggressive melodic vocals. ACCU§ER is the perfect band for those who worship at the altar of technical thrash and speed metal in the vein of classic Metallica, Slayer, Believer, Death Angel, Dark Angel and Deliverance. With such strong lyrical content and musical brilliance, fans can now have access to these previously high-priced collectibles. These are essential head-bangers!  


A1 The Wreckage
A2 Misery
A3 Cowboy On A String
A4 The Jack Of All Trades
B5 Reflections
B6 Unite/Devide
B7 Into The Void
B8 Burn!
B9 Manic Ride


Accuser – Reflections (Brutal Planet, 2022)

Some bands take great delight in whacking your brain with sonics so thick ‘n heavy that you wonder if recovery is ever an option. I am pleased to inform you Accuser is one of those bands. Reflections came out in 1994 as Accuser’s big stab with a major league label, Century Media. Sadly, the label did not release any more of the band’s albums.

The Wreckage starts the album off with monstrous tones that remind me of Sepultura in their Roots era. The guitar is thick and bludgeoning. Misery follows behind with a bit of groove inflection. The title track, an acoustic instrumental, is the only thing that slows down this speeding freight train of an album.

Into The Void  may be my favorite off the album, sounding like well-played Metallica but heavier. Burn!, the eighth track, is more brutal madness with its blistering guitar and solid thrash drumming. Manic Ride ends the album with riffs that live up to the song’s name. 

Reflections is solid from start to finish. My only qualm is the lack of variance. Most of the tracks sound similar, which is not a bad thing really. On the contrary, it is hard to match Reflections with anything more authentic. Rob Hunter aka Wacko, the drummer from Raven, was the producer, and Alex Perials, who worked with M.O.D. and Testament, engineered it. This is a recipe for a pulverizing album. Now available on Cassette, Gold Disc CD, and vinyl, this one is sure to find a place of honor in any respectable metal collection.

Reflections has been meticulously preserved and reissued by Brutal Planet Records for your metal consumption. It is available in Cassette, Gold Disc CD, and Vinyl. Pick your arsenal.

--Doug Peterson, Down The Line zine

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