• CD in Jewel Case
  • 2003 Metal Blade Records
  • Barcode: 039845100125

Tourniquet, a Christian progressive power thrash metal trio from Los Angeles, CA. has been around since 1990. Musically, Tourniquet's style is a mix of hardcore, hard rock, technical metal, speed metal, alternative and groove. They are able to blend all of these elements with melody and originality. Tourniquet even incorporates classical music into many of their guitar riffs. One can hear elements of Metallica, Anthrax, Hades, Whiplash, Watchtower and Shadows Fall in their music. The band consists of Ted Kirkpatrick (drums), Luke Easter (vocals) and Steve Andino (bass). For their 11th album, "Where Moth And Rust Destroy", Ted Kirkpatrick wrote all of the music, with Easter contributing lyrics on a few tracks. Kirkpatrick also played all of the rhythm guitar parts. Tourniquet even had Marty Friedman (Megadeth, Cacophony) and Bruce Franklin (Trouble, Supershine) provide all of the killer guitar solos. The album was produced by veteran Bill Metoyer and Kirkpatrick. Most of the songs on "Where Moth And Rust Destroy" can be classified as mini epics, averaging seven minutes in length. They are filled with exciting twists and breaks, containing a lot of variation ranging from fast thrash metal, mid-paced melodic sections to acoustic parts. Even a violin has been added to enhance the atmosphere. The songs are in no terms boring musically or lyrically. The musicianship is tight and the production is crystal clear. Kirkpatrick is an awesome drummer. You haven't heard drumming this technical since Neal Pert or Mike Portnoy. It's hard to believe that Easter does all of the vocals because he can sound like three different people. From soft singing and mid range vocals to hardcore like shouts. You can tell just by looking at the album cover that Where Moth and Rust Destroy is metal and nothing less. Tourniquet delivers an hour of solid metal. It's not death metal or metalcore, but thrash metal, reminiscent of Megadeth or Metallica. The Megadeth comparison is quite accurate, too, since the former guitarist of Megadeth(Marty Friedman) joined Tourniquet as a guest to add his guitar skills. These guys have been around for decades now, so fans that have not already experienced Tourniquet, but enjoy the less scream and growl oriented metal, should be sure to check this out. Totally worthy.

Track Listing

1. Where Moth and Rust Destroy

2. Restoring the Locust Years

3. Drawn and Quartered

4. A Ghost at the Wheel

5. Architeuthis

6. Melting the Golden Calf

7. Convoluted Absolutes

8. Healing Waters of the Tigris

9. In Death We Rise

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Good addition to the Tourniquet catalog. It will definitely be on regular rotation.

teddy bates
Great Album

Great Album. Has all the classic Tourniquet hallmarks. Outstanding!!!!

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