Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead

Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead

Girder Music

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  • 2010 Girder Records

Just off the heels of platinum rock artist STRYPER, came SinDizzy. Formed in May 1994 by Stryper guitarist Oz Fox along with former band mate Tim Gaines. SinDizzy released their self-produced, debut album on October 10. 1998. It sold well among the Christian metal fans, especially Stryper fans. However, only limited copies of the debut were ever made and sold. Now more than 10 years later, SinDizzy "He's Not Dead" has been risen. SinDizzy "He's Not Dead," features Oz Fox of Stryper and former band mate, Tim Gaines. Digitally remastered and repackaged in this very special limited, second edition, this new re-release comes complete with new enhanced artwork, liner notes, historical band photos and more. For fans of Stryper, Extreme, Bride, and Guardian.