LIVING SACRIFICE - NONEXISTENT (*NEW-Black Vinyl, 2023, Nordic Mission) Remixed & Remastered!

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Limited Black edition / 750. Completely remixed from the analog tapes by Jeremiah Scott.

  • Remastered and remixed from the original 2-inch analog tapes.
  • Gold foil-stamped Living Sacrifice logo/title on front cover
  • Giant 4-page insert booklet
  • First time ever on vinyl!
  • Black Vinyl
  • For fans of Possessed, early Death and Mortification

Nordic Mission is very proud to announce the 30th anniversary edition of Living Sacrifice's sophomore album NONEXISTENT. Totally remixed and remastered from the original 2 inch master tapes by Jeremiah Scott (Demon Hunter) and the band. Nonexistent represent Living Sacrifice transition to something innovative and unique. While the debut album held it's feet solid into thrash metal, Nonexistent is death metal art at it's finest. The original mixing and mastering of the album had characteristics left fans split. Some loved it, some not. Now after 30 years we are finally able to present NONEXISTENT as the band intended you to hear it.

LIVING SACRIFICE made a drastic change in style after the band's debut first full-length album, toning down the thrash in favor of the death metal sound from the Sunshine State (Arkansas) before recording this sophomore album in 1992. NONEXISTENT is yet another example of how the very best death metal is created when it builds on thrashy roots and 90's sound! For fans of Possessed, early Death, and Mortification. Looking for oldschool death metal? Look no further!

For the first time ever the fantastic LIVING SACRIFICE sophomore album “Nonexistent” is available on vinyl! This vinyl edition contains a 4-page booklet with lyrics and not only is it remastered, but it’s totally remixed from the original 2-inch master tapes by Jeremiah Scott and the band.”

Side A
Haven Of Blasphemy
To Nothing
Void Expression

Side B
Chemical Straightjacket
Without Distinction


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