Product Description: 10 CD CHRISTIAN MUSIC Mystery Bundle - Only $34.99! 

We have so many overstock CDs and Vinyl we gotta do something to get them new homes. This is a great way to stock up on elite CD and Vinyl titles at a fraction of the retail cost! You end up paying less than half of what dealers and retailers pay!

Discover a world of music with our exclusive 10 CHRISITAN MUSIC CD Mystery Box Bundle! For just $34.99, you'll receive ten brand-new, un-played CHRISTIAN MUSIC CDs handpicked from our extensive inventory. Some may have cracked cases, stickers, broken tabs, etc. 

What You Get:

  • Ten Unique Christian CDs: No duplicates in your bundle.
  • Surprise Selection: We choose the CDs, making it a fun and exciting mystery for you.
  • Perfect Condition Discs: While cases or inserts might show or have minor damage, the CDs themselves are in pristine, new condition.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to expand your music collection with high-quality CDs at an unbeatable price. Order your 10-CD Mystery Bundle today!

Who This is Not For:  (PLEASE READ)

  • If you are looking for non-Christian mainstream artist like The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Van Halen, Metallica etc. this is not for you.
  • If you are expecting all product to be factory sealed in pristine condition. this is not for you.  Many of these may contain damage to the jewel case, packaging or plastic. We are only guaranteeing that the music has never been played.
  • If you are expecting awful music that nobody likes, this is also not for you.  These are high quality artist and bands with great music. 
  • Do not buy this if you are expecting a certain genre of music. THESE ARE ALL STYLES AND ALL GENRES.  It's possible that you might receive CDs of bands you don't like.  Do not buy this expecting that these will fit your music interest or want.  You might like metal and get all CCM.  You might like CCM and get all Black Metal. We can not and will not promise any genre.


If you need or want extra jewel cases, you can buy those here -- >

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Taylor
Mystery Box order

Firstly, I'd like to thank Gregory (CEO) with his professionalism and integrity in handling some issues that arose with my order. Initially, I placed my order and during checkout, a coupon app applied a significant discount to my order - initially, the coupon was voided/cancelled by Girder and I responded back with an email stating what happened. The decision to void the coupon was reversed and I was asked about what browser app was being used so a several year old (expired) coupon code could be removed. I also pointed out some discrepancies on the website with this music bundle - stating that damaged jewel cases would be replaced or new ones would be included in the order (verbiage that wasn't supposed to be on the page) - they honored what was posted on the page at the time of order and corrected the webpage. Gregory sent me replacement jewel cases - enough to replace the damaged cases (likely crushed by the shipper). I am very pleased that Gregory/Girder paid attention to me and did what they did to make this a better purchasing experience.
The CDs were in great condition and having ordered 4 sets, I was pleased that there were only two sets of duplicates in the order. The order shipped quickly. Very pleased with the variety and customer service!

Jason Dykes
Very happy with this purchase

My mystery bundle arrived in a timely manner. While I did receive all 3 of the Petra CD’s that I had just ordered about a week before, the other CD’s that I received were not ones that I owned already. Very happy with my purchase and will continue to purchase music from Girder Music. Thanks!

Jesse Ferguson
Best surprise ever 😁

I loved everything I got, the box had a very good selection of titles from Rock to Metal. I look forward to purchasing another mystery box 😁
PS. Thanks for the Bride and Petra albums I love them 🤩

Customer Reviews

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