Daniel Amos Alarma! RADIO SPECIAL (The Alarma Chronicles Vol.1) (*NEW - Vinyl Record, 1981, NewPax)

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The band sits down and discusses their Alarma! Album on this very special release. Comes in the same cover as the Alarma! album with a gatefold however the vinyl is different inside. Contains Part 1 and Part 1 (Side 2) interview.í«ÌÎ_

  • Alternative Rock
  • 1981 Stunt
  • For fans of:The Eagles, Swirling Eddies, Terry Scott Taylor, Lost Dogs, The Choir
  • Gatefold Vinyl Record

Alarma! is the fourth studio album by Christian rock band Daniel Amos, issued on Newpax Records in April 1981. It is the first album in theirí«ÌÎ_í«í?Alarma! Chroniclesí«ÌÎ_series and one of the earliest records in theí«ÌÎ_Christian alternative rockí«ÌÎ_genre.

í«í?Alarma!, released weeks after the band's the Beatles- and The Beach Boys-influencedí«ÌÎ_Horrendous Disc, took a decidedlyí«ÌÎ_new waveí«ÌÎ_direction along the lines ofí«ÌÎ_Elvis Costelloí«ÌÎ_orí«ÌÎ_Talking Heads.

Lyrically, the album contains social commentary so harsh thatí«ÌÎ_CCMí«ÌÎ_described it as "perhaps the most scathing ever put out by a Christian label."[2]
í«í?Alarma!í«ÌÎ_was the first of aí«ÌÎ_four-part seriesí«ÌÎ_of albums by DA entitledí«ÌÎ_The í«í?Alarma! Chronicles, which also included the albumsí«ÌÎ_DoppelgÌÎÌ__nger,í«ÌÎ_Vox Humana, andí«ÌÎ_Fearful Symmetry.


1. Central Theme
2. Alarma
3. Big Deal
4. Props
5. My Room
6. Faces to the Window
7. Cloak and Dagger
8. Colored By
9. C & D Reprise
10. Thru the Speakers
11. Hit Them
12. Baby Game
13. Shedding the Mortal Coil
14. Endless Summer
15. Walls of Doubt
16. Ghost of the Heart