Admiral Twin-The Center of The Universe (CD)

  • New Factory Sealed
  • 2007 The Pop Collective
  • TPC2002
  • Digi Pack

The Tulsa threesome are up to the old tricks again, this time even more firmly securing their ownership of the post-Fountains of Wayne realms of alternative pop/rock. It is a fun trip for fans of '90s lite indie rock. Their quirky blend of Cracker, the Lemonheads, and They Might Be Giants is in full array on the lead-off track "Good as Gold." From there, the album takes you through gem after gem of power pop confection. By this, their fifth release, the boys neither ask for forgiveness nor seem to show any remorse for crafting such a distraction from deep thought. Case in point: "Smash It Up" encourages all sorts of kicking of inanimate objects. And maybe if more bands were gripping lightweight topics such as these, the world would have an appreciation all new for these misfits. Regardless, Center of the Universe is a delight that is not to be missed.

1 Good As Gold
2 In My Veins
3 Take Me Down
4 Smash It Up
5 Say Your Prayers
6 Get Well Soon
7 You Hung The Moon
8 Fear
9 Renegade Planet
10 Monument
11 The Best At Being Lonely
12 I Confess
13 Big Black Car
14 If Hell Is Like You
15 Silence

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