Barren Cross - State of Control + 2 Bonus Tracks *(New-2020 Remastered CD)



  • In-Stock on March 31st
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • 16 page booklet / jewel case
  • Includes many rare and hard-to-find band photos with all lyrics inside insert
  • Limited Edtion 1000 Units
  • Part of the Legends Remastered Series
  • Includes the special bonus track** only available on the original release distributed to Christian bookstores, Your Love Gives.
  • Includes the special bonus track** exclusive to those units distributed into the mainstream market, Escape In the Night.

Remember those metal cassettes in your collection that had the song titles worn off, and even if you weren’t religious you prayed that it would play just one more time for fear it would wear out? 1989’s State of Control by Barren Cross was that cassette in many-a-metal fan’s collection. Along with Stryper and Guardian, Barren Cross was one of the few bands that actually appealed to metal fans who didn't shop in Christian bookstores for their music. With the band’s third release they once again expanded their lyrical content to tackle real-life issues like racism and relationships. Mike Lee shows more diversity with this vocal performance by channeling his inner Bruce Dickinson with a raspy voice and the operatic vocals showing only for the higher notes and choruses. The impact of producers John and Dino Elefante is significant with State… adding even more AOR pitch-perfect choruses in the background that gives this melodic heavy metal album its fair share of commercial appeal. One thing is for sure, the album includes exquisite rhythm parts, amazing solos, and everything you expect from elite heavy metal which is why it came in at #32 on the CMR Top 100 Christian Metal Albums. The 2020 Retroactive Records reissue is a collector’s dream featuring a 16-page insert and a brilliant remaster (finally!). And, as a special treat for fans, this reissue includes both bonus tracks, “Your Love Gives” and “Escape in the Night.” Few metal albums impacted the scene and the kingdom like State of Control. Enjoy!

State Of Control
Out Of Time
Cryin' Over You
A Face In The Dark
The Stage Of Intensity
Hard Lies
Inner War
Love At Full Volume
Bigotry Man (Who Are You)
Two Thousand Years
Your Love Gives (bonus track exclusive to original release on Benson Records)
Escape In The Night (bonus track exclusive to original release on Enigma Records) 

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Barrencross State of Control

Wow I am very happy to Have This cd back in my hands again since it is not on spotify
I also would love to see if you'll can try to bring back the Rock for the King cd and Rattle your cage cd from Barren Cross witch is also not on Spotify
Thank you all

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