DeGarmo and Key (3 CD Bundle) This Time Thru, Straight On, This Ain't Hollywood (LTD Trading Cards)



  • Released: Oct. 29, 2021
  • You'll Get All 3 CD Reissues
  • This Time Thru
  • Straight On
  • This Ain't Hollywood
  • Classic Christian Rock from Early Jesus Music Band D&K
  • CD in a 8 page booklet jewel case with LTD Trading Card
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound)
  • 2021 Girder Records 


DeGarmo and Key were forerunners and pioneers of early Jesus Music.  Their music transcended generations and musical boundaries.  They released 15 albums spanning 3 decades.   Their first three albums This Time Thru (1978) Straight On (1979) and This Ain't Hollywood (1980) have been completely remastered on CDs with 8 page booklets, lyrics and photos with LTD Trading Card.  

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This Time Thru

DeGarmo and Key’s debut album This Time Thru set a new standard for high quality songwriting, musicianship, and production raising the bar for all the future albums to come. From the opening acoustic guitar intro to “Emmanuel,” which soon explodes into a classic rock song filled with keyboards, guitar solos, passionate singing, and Biblically based lyrics, one is ushered into a sound that was every bit as high quality as anything being released in the mainstream market. Elements of progressive rock appear in songs such as “Too Far, Too Long,” which features a keyboard intro that echoes the work of Keith Emerson from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, and “Chase the Wind,” which features elements that would be at home in a Kansas song. Then there’s the country/rock flow of “Sleeper,” the grooving R&B shuffle of their cover of the traditional “Wayfaring Stranger,” and the title track, which closes the album and features a keyboard solo in the vein of Styx. All in all, This Time Thru, released in 1978, has stood the test of time and remains one of the finest debut albums in Christian rock history.

Dana Key: Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Lead Guitar
Eddie DeGarmo: Background Vocals, Lead Vocals (Chase the Wind), Keyboards
Ken Porter: Bass, Percussion
David Spain: Drums
Max Richardson: Drums
Carl Marsh: Arp Programing, Background Vocals
Background Vocals: Joe Hardy, William C. Brown III, Mary Wethington, Phyllis Duncan

All songs written by Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key except Emmanuel and Alleyways of Strife - Dana Key & Max Richardson


Emmanuel 3:03
Addey 4:11
Only The Meek Survive 3:03
(Gone, Gone, Gone) Too Far, Too Long 4:29
Alleyways Of Strife 3:10
Sleeper 2:45
Wayfaring Stranger 3:38
In The Days Of Thy Youth 1:26
Chase The Wind 5:21
This Time Thru 4:52

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Straight On

Straight On, the second album by DeGarmo and Key, raised the bar for quality even higher. Eddie and Dana took part in its production, and established a tight knit band that gelled together like a well-oiled machine. On the opening track, “Jericho,” a classic rocker that features impeccable sound quality, we hear a band at the top of their game. On the catchy “Livin’ on the Edge of Dyin’,” Eddie is featured on lead vocals and this track hit #25 on the Christian radio charts. Flourishes of the progressive rock sound of their debut continue on “Bad Livin’,” but the band also mix in elements of gospel and soul on tracks like “I Never Knew You” and funkiness on the classic rocker “Long Distance Runner.” There’s even some Southern rock flavor blended in on “Let Me Help You Today.” This album helped establish DeGarmo and Key as musicians and songwriters of the highest order and is widely considered their masterpiece.

Eddie DeGarmo:  Keyboards, Lead Vocals (Livin' on the Edge of Dyin')
Dana Key: Guitars, Lead Vocals, All Background Vocals
Terry Moxley: Drums
Ken Porter: Bass
Lewis Collins: Sax
Carl Marsh: Recorders

All songs written by Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key


  1. Jericho 4:34
  2. Livin' On The Edge Of Dyin' 4:33
  3. Go Tell Them 3:52
  4. Bad Livin' 4:36
  5. Enchiridion 1:36
  6. Long Distance Runner 4:09
  7. Let Him Help You Today 4:15
  8. I Never Knew You 4:04
  9. Mary 3:03

  - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This Ain't Hollywood

The band’s third album This Ain’t Hollywood proved to establish a trilogy of classic albums that would stand the test of time. Featuring the opening “Stella, This Ain’t Hollywood,” a plea to evaluate one’s values against eternal destiny, DeGarmo and Key prove to be passionate songwriters. The album also yielded two radio hits: “You Gave Me All,” an infectious slow rocker that charted at #19 and the duet with Amy Grant on “Nobody Loves Me,” which charted at #6 and led to DeGarmo and Key being a part of Amy Grant’s touring band. The album also features the hooky “Love Is All You Need,” co-written with rocker Mylon LeFevre, who is also featured on backing vocals. Mylon would later record this song with his band, Look Up, when he was signed to CBS Records in 1987. This album also became the first Christian rock album to be nominated for a Grammy award. Its timeless songs still pack a powerful punch of conviction wedded to a pulsating beat of rock and roll heaven.

Eddie DeGarmo: Keyboards, Background Vocals
Dana Key: Guitars, Lead Vocals
John Hamptone: Drums
Joe Hardy: "Mint" Bass
Roy (Dunno) Howell: Slide Guitar (All Night)
The Memphis Horns - Andrew Love (Saxaphone), Ben Cavley (Trumpet), Jack Hale (Trombone): Horns

Background Vocals: Jack Holder, Mylon LeFevre, Jimi Jamison, Suzanne Jerome, Beverly Baxter
Finger Snaps: Louie Swift
Semi-tough Mumble: Fat Mexican
Vocal Duet (Nobody Loves Me): Amy Grant

All songs written by Eddie DeGarmo & Dana Key except:
You Gave Me All - Joe Hardy, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key
All You Need - Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key, Mylon LeFevre 


  1. Stella, This Ain't Hollywood 3:24
  2. When He Comes Back 2:43
  3. You Gave Me All 3:30
  4. Never Be The Same 2:55
  5. All Night 4:22
  6. All You Need 3:47
  7. Nobody Loves Me Like You 3:22
  8. Light Of The World 3:01
  9. Over And Over 3:27
  10. One Step Closer 3:28

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews
        Steve Roush
        Great albums, so-so remasters

        D & K have been one of my favorite bands in Christian Rock music since "This Time Thru" on original vinyl. I would give most the D&K remasters 5 stars except "Straight On". It leaves me wondering if Rob just decided to reissue the original with as little effort in remastering as possible. The sound is "muggy", if that makes sense - like copying a cd to the cheapest brand of cassette tape available back in the day. Why couldn't this great project be cleaned up? Maybe someday someone will buy the rights and do the job right.
        "This Ain't Hollywood" could have used low end attention. Seriously? It's 2023 (well, 2021 when it was remastered). Add the low end and call it a "remix". Still, it's a great album and I would still make the purchase again.

        Roy J Ward Jr.
        Thank you so much!

        Great stuff by one of my favorite bands. The Straight On album is one my favorite albums in this collection and at a great price.

        Timothy Worley
        Degarmo and Key Rocks!!!!

        These albums are so awesome I love them lots thank you so much Girder Records and Jesus for these awesome albums and making it possible for all to enjoy!!!!!!

        Brian Shertzer
        A true gift awaits you

        All of the D&K releases have been wonderfully remastered, bringing audio levels and clarity up to today's standard. The amount of thought and care that went into the packaging exceeded all of my expectations. These are truly a gem to listen to and have in one's collection. Girder has preserved this early and original band's music perfectly. Don't miss out.

        Straight On remaster is perfect but the other two remasters are flawed.

        Let me start by saying all three of these albums are five stars but my issue is with these remasters. The packaging is great and the trading cards are cool but it seems there wasn't much quality control of the actual audio which is the most important part of these reissues. Straight On is perfect and I highly recommend this reissue of that album but for This Time Thru and This Ain't Hollywood I would recommend avoiding these reissue. When I first started listening to This Time Thru it seemed fine but something seemed slightly off so I ripped it and loaded it up in Audacity and noticed that the spectrogram looked odd. Looking at it there is a sharp cutoff at around 15khz and some blockiness which indicates that these were from a lossy digital source. I checked to make sure I hadn't accidently ripped it to a lossy format but everything was set up correctly and when I ripped Straight On nothing there were no signs of it being lossy and it sounded great. When I checked This Ain't Hollywood it has the same issue as This Time Thru with the spectrogram showing signs of a lossy source. It's a shame that two of these three remasters were botched as original copies of these albums on cd can be hard to find and expensive. I was excited when I saw these reissues announced and was planning to also pre order the vinyl reissues of these but unless something is done about this issue I definitely wont be purchasing the vinyl reissues of This Time Thru or This Ain't Hollywood.

        Customer Reviews

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