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Vengeance Rising is a great metal band who deserves their spot in the overall metal scene. The fact that they're a Christian metal band makes it especially sweet for me, but doesn't affect the music itself one way or the other. The lyrics, however, are another matter. Almost ALL the lyrics are taken directly from the Bible (like the previous record), and unlike most Christian "pop" music, THEY'RE CHOCK FULL OF GOOD THEOLOGY!!! Okay, now pick up your jaw and read on.

Also like their first outing, they prove they WILL NOT shy away from the harsh realities in the Bible. Namely, the consequence of living in sin & dying without knowing Christ. Sure, there's blood & violence & death & Hell all over this record, but it's all kept in the context of the Gospel message (i.e., Jesus Christ is God made flesh, born of a virgin, led a sinless life and was crucified on the cross as the once-for-all atoning sacrifice for the sin of the world (past, present & future), resurrected to life three days later - thus conquering death that all those who trust in him may be raised to eternal life with Him - and ascended into Heaven, soon to return & judge the world).

And yet again like "Human Sacrifice", there are 2 songs where Roger Martinez switches-up his vocal style. On "Out Of The Will" he seems to be doing his best Mike Muir impersonation (of Suicidal Tendencies, I'm specifically thinking of the song "Institutionalized") during the verses (okay, so there's no real rhyme scheme there anyway, but still). Similarly, on "Among The Dead" he takes the "spoken word" type of singing approach, which I personally don't like, especially on the last song. But that's really the only negative thing I think ANYBODY can say about this record, so it's really not that big a deal.

Musically, it's a slight departure from Human Sacrifice, as most of the songs are more groove-based than a straight in-your-face thrash attack (though there are a few). But truth be told, the songs here are better. More carefully crafted, all-around superior musicianship and even tighter lyrical structure. They grew a lot in the one year between the two albums. There's even a couple 8 minute songs, which they manage incredibly due to their growth as musicians. Admittedly, the cover of "Space Truckin'" (originally by Deep Purple) is a little out of place. Good cover of a great song, just kinda strange to find it here. The bonus "Interview" tracks are also a nice bonus and the track "What Happened" is very informative, explaining the dissolution of the original band after this record and subsequent tour (Vengeance Rising has 2 more records, I think - I don't have them yet).

If you're a metal fan, don't shy away from this because it's "Christian Metal". It's great metal, buy it. And if you're a Christian metal fan, you should already be at the "finalize your order" screen.


1. Warfare
2. Can't Get Out
3. Cut Into Pieces
4. Frontal Lobotomy
5. Herod's Violent Death
6. The Whipping Post
7. The Wrath To Come
8. Space Truck'in
9. Out Of The Will
10. Arise
11. Into The Abyss
12. Among The Dead
13. Interruption.



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