Dale Thompson and the Boon Dogs - I See Red (CD)

  • Blues Masterpiece by Dale Thompson of BRIDE
  • Includes LTD collector card #107 (only in the first pressing)
  • CD is an 8 page booklet in Jewel Case
  • Vinyl is limited to just 150
  • Label: Girder Records
  • Blues masterpiece

CD Release Date: July 22, 2022
Vinyl Release Date: August 26, 2022
Girder Records GR1147 (CD)
Girder Records GR1147LP (Vinyl) Only 150 Pressed


I SEE RED is 12 songs of smokin' blues headed up by one of Christian rock's great metal vocalists, Dale Thompson of the band BRIDE and it includes multiple guitarists laying down their best 12-bar blues riffs. There’s even some bluegrass banjo to get your foot stompin'. However, the best part of this entire album is the red-hot blues guitar work that is prominent throughout.  Riffs, solos, and fiery hot fretboards that'll make your ears bleed. You love fast paced, fist-pumping, foot-stompin’ red hot bluesy guitar? Then this is your kind of music. 

If you thought the first Dale Thompson and the Boon Dogs album was good, you're going to be blown away by their new smoking' blues album, "I SEE RED." Blues is something that is in Dale's blood and this album sure does pull out all the stops.  12 songs of pure genius blues from groovin' opener and title track I SEE RED to the slow smokin' six-and-a-half-minute final track THE BINDING OF ISSAC, possibly the best track on the album.  This album is a full-on jam session with three songs clocking in at over 6 minutes each.  If you like slow burning blues guitar, in the vein of ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Johnny Lang, Joann Shaw Taylor, Darrell Mansfield, and Glenn Kaiser, this one is going to get a lot of plays and spins. It's simply a masterful 12-song blues album with red hot guitar solos and pure raspy vocals that only Dale can pull off.  Waste no time getting this one because vinyl is limited to just 150 units and the first pressing of the CD will come with a special collectors card that won't be available after the first pressing. 

150 vinyl will be pressed. Don’t delay! Buy now or cry later when this gem of an album is all sold out.


Vocals: Dale Thompson
Gregory Bruce Campbell
Organ: Graham Carruthers
Guitar: Sean Salas, Aaron Lucas, Scottie Hoaglan, Kevin Wale, Greg Martin, Garret Thomas, Troy Thompson, Derek Ferwerda
Drums: Edu Diux
Banjo: Phillip Thompson


  1. I See Red 4:38
  2. Father Abraham 3:02
  3. Hwy 44 4:19
  4. Raising Lazarus 3:06
  5. Judgement Day 6:21
  6. A Sword for Gideon 6:25
  7. In the Thick of It 4:22
  8. One Lost Coin 4:37
  9. Send Me 3:10
  10. The Bugaboo 3:10
  11. You Are The Man 5:07
  12. The Binding of Isaac 6:32

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Eric Pinnick
Music Good, Real Good. Vocals Meh

Always up for blues. The music here is great, even with a muffled production, the backing band here is great. The guitar on tracks like Thick of It, One Lost Coin, and the title track is slamming. The vocals, feel like a Dale Thompson parody, and almost make this embarrassing and unlistenable. I kind of felt sorry for the guys playing the music here. Bass, drums, keys, guitar, all great. However the vocals, garbage. The over layering, and screeching, is just disappointing. Dale goes from sounding senile to constipated. Here's to hoping the players here can get a gig with a vocalist that pairs well, not distracts from what they are doing.

Knocked it outta the Park Again

Knocked it outta the Park Again
I was prepared for another Installment of Boon Dogs sound, but wasn't prepared for how good it was.
It instantly transported me to the younger days of dive bars and heavy blues flavors.
But, the Best thing was the Dale Thompson take on some good Messages from the Word.
Would Highly Recommend 😎👍👍

Customer Reviews

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