• 1990 Intense Records
  • Very Good Used Condition
  • CD + Case + Artwork Well Cared For

It's been pretty difficult keeping track of all the versions of this historic thrash album, but make no mistake about it, this is the first pressing on Intense. It's an open copy but it's flawless. Even the 4 panel foldout is perfect. Looks untouched.


For mine, Deliverance's 1990 album "Weapons Of Our Warfare" rates high among the best Christian metal albums ever released.

It has great songs from start to finish, awesome crunching guitars from Jimmy Brown and George Ochoa, ferocious drumming, a range of tempos but a preponderance of speed/thrash metal, and the powerful, often high pitched vocals of Jimmy Brown.

Deliverance's self-titled debut album was good, but this blew it away. While they have put out many good albums and matured and diversified since, I along with many other fans of the band would feel that this album was never surpassed by their subsequent work.

Lyrically, this is bold Christianity, with spiritual warfare a key theme. If you ever wanted to hear a metal version of Psalm 23, here it is, albeit one of the slower songs on the album.

I would recommend this to any thrash/speed metal fan, and indeed to any metal fan in general, Christian or otherwise. This album stands high among any metal albums, of the era or since, on the quality of its music, vocals and songwriting.

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