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  • Release Date November 13, 2020

Dale Thompson has now officially been dubbed ‘The hardest workin’ man in Christian Metal’! This latest release featuring Dale Thompson out front is the brand new release from Dominus Meus entitled ‘DM1 Revocalized’. Dominus Meus is the killer new metal project from John Evans (Evans and Stokes) The title ‘DM1 Revocalized’ is aptly titled as such because John had already completed the album, when he heard out in the Christian Metal community that Dale was offering his services as a gun for hire. John thought and prayed about it and decided it would be really cool to hear Dale put his vocals on this project, and the rest is history!

Roxx Records is very excited to bring you Dominus Meus ‘DM1 Revocalized’ featuring ten brand new tracks written and performed by John Evans with full vocals from Dale Thompson.


Track Listing

1. The Crushing

2. One Calling

3. Innocent Blood

4. Judge of the Earth

5. The Way of Evil Men

6. Hunter Killer

7. WASP-76b

8. Drive out the Demons

9. Give up the Ghost

10. Venom of Serpents 

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