DELIVERANCE - DELIVERANCE + 3 Bonus Tracks + Trading Card (Gold Disc Edition CD, 2020 Retroactive)


DELIVERANCE - DELIVERANCE + 3 Bonus Tracks (Gold Disc Edition) ***PRE-ORDER


“One of the first major thrash releases in the Christian market – combining an early Testament/Metallica feel – it still gets the head banging, fist pumping and air guitar screaming.” – Jeff McCormack (Heaven's Metal Magazine)

“If You Will” into “The Call” is almost as good as metal gets.”
                         —Doug Van Pelt (HM Magazine)

This record would forever change and impact me and the Christian metal music scene as we knew it! — Bill Bafford (Roxx Records)

Groundbreaking album with its joining of melodic speed metal and thrash with high end and soaring vocals. Critics back in the day, as a result, described Deliverance as featuring a ‘Metallica cross Queensryche’ sound. The segue between “If You Will” and “The Call” ranks among the all time great Christian metal moments. 

  • Includes a Deliverance trading card with a gold foil stamp, exclusive to this release.
  • Features significant contributions from original member of both Deliverance and Vengeance (Rising), Glenn Rogers (also, be sure to get Glenn's album with the classic thrash band, Heretic called "A Time of Crisis" on CD and Vinyl - it's brilliant).
  • The first Deliverance debut reissue to features the original artwork (Gold Disc front cover)
  • Features the 2008 Retroactive Records reissue artwork (inspired by the original but far superior in quality) as the alternate cover/back of the booklet.
  • Features a panel with all three Deliverance covers (Original, Retroactive, NoLifeTilMetal) 
  • Substantial writes-ups from three band members and Pastor Bob Beeman
  • Includes album lyrics, easy to read, in a 12-page booklet (w rare pics)
  • First time ever on Gold Disc (a deterrent to disc rot/audio degradation)us 
  • Includes three non-LP tracks as bonus tracks
  • #3 on Heaven's Metal Magazine's Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All-Time
  • #9 on the CMR Top 100 Christian Metal Albums Of All Time
  • #14 on Angelic Warlord's Top 50 Christian Metal & Hard Rock Albums of the Eighties
  • Produced, recorded, and mixed by Bill Metoyer (Flotsam and Jetsam, Trouble, Fates Warning, DRI, Slayer)

Frightening, awe-inspiring, and absolutely relentless, Deliverance's self-titled album dropped onto the scene in 1989 with all the finesse of a metallic sledgehammer across the forehead. In 1987, Deliverance had made their presence known in dramatic fashion on the California Metal compilation (a sampler in the vein of Metal Blade's Metal Massacre compilations) with "Attack" being the very first thrash/speed metal song with a strong Christian message to ever be released. Overwhelmed with anticipation, fans lined up for two years trying to buy more of this West Coast speed metal as phenomenal as anything released by Exodus, Death Angel, Metallica, and Anthrax. The long wait ended with the release of 1989's self-titled debut, and fans were not disappointed. Having enlisted the production skills of famed mainstream metal producer Bill Metoyer (Flotsam and Jetsam, Trouble, Fates Warning, DRI, Slayer) the debut exuded all the pure destructive power for which fans could have hoped. Every note is executed with jaw-dropping levels of scientific precision. Jimmy's vocals are both powerful and soaring. The 2020 Retroactive reissue is a brand new Gold Disc remaster (Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound) and includes three non-LP demo songs as bonus tracks. The insert booklet features 2017 write-ups from band leader, Jimmy Brown, guitarist Glenn Rogers, bassist Brian Khairullah, and Pastor Bob Beeman.  This is pure metallic brilliance packaged with a genius 12-page booklet laid out by NoLifeTilMetal's Scott Waters. Previous CD reissues of this classic album all had audio or graphics issues.  This is THE ultimate reissue of one of a handful of Christian metal's ultimate albums.  In addition, every CD comes with an exclusive trading card (gold foil stamped) inside the packaging.     

1 Victory 3:47
2 No Time 4:33
3 Deliverance 3:07
4 If You Will 4:23
5 The Call 4:09
6 No Love 3:24
7 Blood Of The Covenant 4:56
8 Jehovah Jireh 3:43
9 Temporary Insanity 5:30
10 Awake 6:14
Bonus Tracks
11 Stand Up and Fight (1985 demo)
12 Hold On Tightly (1988 demo)
13 J.I.G. (1988 demo)

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