Ethereal Scourge - Judgement And Restoration (CD) w/ 1995 Demo

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  • 2020 Soundmass SM069
  • Import [Australia]
  • Jewel Case w/ 8 Page Booklet
  • 15 Songs
  • Includes 1995 Demo

ETHEREAL SCOURGE were a band from Adelaide, Australia, who formed in 1992. They released a demo in 1995 and their full-length – Judgement And Restoration – in 1997 on Rowe Productions… then disappeared from the scene.

Soundmass are happy to be re-issuing Judgement And Restoration to make it readily available again. Many fans believe that this album never got the attention that it deserved and we agree. Ethereal Scourge perform a deft combination of death metal and groove metal with progressive elements. Their outstanding musicianship creates a unique sound – it is heavy and aggressive yet melodic and flowing (think: early Amorphis). Every song is strong, with tempo and style shifts that hold your attention. The song-writing forms powerful and intense compositions that leave a lasting impression, and their use of tribal rhythms (à la Sepultura) heightens this impact. What takes it to another level, though, is the poetic, stirring lyrics that are delivered in an extraordinarily emotive style. These passion-filled vocals combined with the exceptional music result in an album that is simply… majestic.

The 2020 Soundmass re-issue of Judgement And Restoration is completely remastered and includes the 4-song demo as bonus tracks. To match the music, this version of this classic Ethereal Scourge album comes with a stunning new layout.

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Through The Waters
Estranged From The Womb
Shroud Of Mist
Quiet Surround
Giver Of Life

Bonus Tracks:
Demo ’95

Death Of Hades
Content To Rot
Sudden Death

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