Fear Not (CD)

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  • Limited Edition 500 Copies
  • 2 Bonus Tracks
  • RELEASE DATE 12/15/17 


Limited Edition reissue of the much sought after debut release from US rockers FEAR NOT! That’s right one of the long, lost out of print titles that has never seen a proper reissue, original CD copies are very scarce to find these days, if you can find one at all!

500 copies on limited edition CD featuring all 10 original tracks and 2 brand new previously unreleased tracks on CD! 

  1. Give It Up 
  2. We Have A God 
  3. Mr, Compromise 
  4. Till The End Of My Days 
  5. Suicide Sunshine
  6. Money Money 
  7. Easy Come Easy Go 
  8. There Is Love 
  9. Mad World 
  10. Take Hold

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