HAVEN - AGE OF DARKNESS (BLACK-VINYL) 2017 Retroactive Records


  • 2017 Retroactive
  • Black Vinyl with Insert.  Limited to just 200
  • Barcode VINYL: 0651402979021
  • Product ID VINYL: RRV1426


The 2017 reissue of Age of Darkness on Retroactive Records sees this classic album on vinyl for the very first time!Ì

1991's Age of Darkness is the second (and final) album from Christian metallers Haven. Before you conjure up images of Stryper, you'd do well to give this one a chance. Where a band like Barren Cross drew its influences from Dio and Iron Maiden, Haven's sound owes more to a certain Seattle sound (no, not that one). I'm talking about bands like Queensryche, Fifth Angel, and Metal Church.

Age of Darkness is a very impressive traditional/power metal album, full of great melodies, shredding guitars, and a Geoff Tate-inspired vocal style. There are a couple instances of Dokken-style balladeering, but for the most part this is a fast paced power metal album that should please fans of Apocrypha, Powersurge, Crimson Glory, and any of the bands mentioned earlier. Haven is a Christian band, but they're not overly "churchy" with their lyrics, so Age of Darkness shouldn't alienate the average metal fan. Believe me; this one's much more likely to induce headbanging than Bible-thumping!


1 Tenacious Volition

2 Divination

3 When You Said Goodbye

4 Holly

5 Exaltation

6 The Witching Hour

7 Seance

8 Spend My Life With You

9 Unchanging Love

10 Blood Of The Lamb

11 Once Upon A Time

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