Judas Priest - Ram It Down (CD) 2 Bonus Tracks

  • New/Sealed CD
  • Remastered 
  • Jewel Case
  • 2001 Sony Music


Originally released in 1988

This is probably one of the band's most overlooked albums. It came out after the bit of a odd album that Turbo was and before the band's magnum opus, Painkiller, It definitely acts as a very good segue between the two, having some glam elements from Turbo (mainly with the songs Love Zone, Love You to Death, I'm a Rocker and Monsters of Rock) as well as having a similar production, but also having very fast and heavy songs such as Heavy Metal, Hard as Iron, Come and Get It, and the epic cheesy title track. The album's best song is for sure the mid-album ballad Blood Red Skies, surprisingly one of their best songs possibly ever. If you listen to one song of the album, make it be that. Then there's the Chuck Berry cover Johnny B. Goode, one of the band's weirdest songs. Not bad, but very odd, Overall, not an essential listen by any means and not a great one, but a fun one. If you're a JP fan, definitely give it a listen. It's worth the chance.

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