Judas Priest - Sin After Sin (CD) *2 Bonus Tracks

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Originally recorded in 1977.  Sin After Sin is Judas Priest's third album and would continue the band's momentum to becoming one of the very best British metal bands. Although the high points on their previous album, Sad Wings of Destiny, are a little higher than those on Sin After Sin, the latter is the more consistent and focused album. "Sinner" is a raging opener where Rob Halford gives one of his best vocal performances amidst the band's furious attack and the call and response between he and guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing during the second verse is still a joy to listen to as is the breakdown after the solo where Halford's vocals soar. Then they cover folk singer Joan Baez's "Diamonds and Rust" and actually make it their own. "Starbreaker" is a driving tune that is one of their most underrated while "Last Rose of Summer" is the first of two ballads here and one which I didn't care for upon first listen but has grown on me over the years and Halford sings this very well. The other ballad "Here Come the Tears" isn't so good and while the heavier "Raw Deal" rocks, it goes on too long. "Let Us Prey/Call For the Priest" starts out cerebral before it goes into a relentless pace that was speed metal before it was coined that and the closer on the original album, "Dissident Aggressor", may be the heaviest tune the band ever wrote. The mighty Slayer redid it on their South of Heaven album and even they couldn't touch the original. All told, Sin after Sin is a strong and somewhat forgotten metal album since it was released right before their first classic in Stained Class as well as they'd breakthrough in the States.

1 Sinner
2 Diamonds and Rust
3 Starbreaker
4 Last Rose of Summer
5 Let Us Prey / Call for the Priest
6 Raw Deal
7 Here Come the Tears
8 Dissident Aggressor

Bonus Tracks
9 Race with the Devil
10 Jawbreaker (LIVE)


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