LIAR - Set The World On Fire (CD) Numbered and AUTOGRAPHED!!!

  • limited edition to 1000 copies only! All will be numbered 1-1000 and will include post card hand signed by the band!
  • First time On CD
  • Fully remastered from the original quarter inch tape
  • Release Date:2nd December 2020
  • Catalogue No: ESM348
  • Barcode: Bar Code: 50381003485

LIAR originally formed in 1975 and recorded their first album "Straight From The Hip" for Decca Records. The band toured extensively in the UK and throughout Europe before recording the critically acclaimed follow up album "Set The World On Fire" in 1977, one of the first colour picture-disc records in the UK.

Liar were very much a British rock band, with foundations based on the likes of Bad Company, Queen and Led Zeppelin. The band was warmly received in Europe at the time but not so well in the UK where punk was at its height.. They toured with Slade and gained some success but the band was best suited to the American market and so they were whisked off to LA to write new material ready for a third album. For inspiration, they were ensconced in a house at the top of the Hollywood Hills (next door to Mick Fleetwood) on Sunset Plaza Drive, from which the name of the third release was taken. Sunset Plaza Drive eventually saw the light of day this year on Escape Music (ESM341), 42 years after it was recorded!

It was “Set the World on Fire” that really stood out as the band’s finest moment and it was chock full of memorable songs that have stood the test of time admirably. This reissue sounds magnificent and the songs have benefited from the latest technology. Each CD is numbered and has a hand signed card from the then four remaining members of the band (all are signed, not copies). Sadly, Paul Travis died very soon after his signing session.

Set the World on Fire is a fabulous reminder of late 70’s British Rock at its finest and is a “must have” release for anyone who loved that era. A Classic of its time.

Track Listening:
1- Set The World On Fire 3:54
2- Town Of Evil People 5:51
3- I’m Calling 4:31
4- Midnight Promises 4:56
5- Five Knuckle Shuffle 3:02
6- High Life 3:30
7- Frustration 4:57
8- Who Cares 7:28

Line up
Clive Brooks (RIP) - Drums
Dave Burton – Lead Vocals / Guitars
Dave Taylor – Bass / Vocals
Paul Travis (RIP) – Guitars / Vocals
Steve Mann – Guitars / Keyboards

Produced by John Alcock
Mastered by Steve Mann

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