MADROST - INTO THE AQUATIC SECTOR (*NEW-2xCD Set, 2022, NoLifeTilMetal) elite Thrash! Regular price


“Into the Aquatic Sector” picks up right where its predecessor left off, offering even more aggression this time around. Determined to make the most intense music possible, “Into the Aquatic Sector” is a slab of technical aggression infused with what the band had previously built upon in the years proceeding it. This semi conceptualized album has since gained in popularity as the years followed and is now being given a second opportunity with where the band’s sound was heading during that time period. Having an entirely new lineup meant for an entirely different approach and what was captured on the record was just that. So sit back and enjoy the next chapter in Madrost’s evolution and crank up the newly remastered sophomore album, “Into the Aquatic Sector”

NoLifeTilMetal has given this one an amazing breath of life, completely remastering, expanding and offering updated art and liner notes. Into The Aquatic Sector has been remastered for vinyl and an expanded CD edition by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. As well as updated and expanded artwork by NoLifeTilMetal’s very own Scott Waters. And as an added bonus the Limited Edition CD will be expanded in to a beautiful 2 disc special edition. The bonus disc is a previously unreleased live show from the “Into The Aquatic Sector” era.

This limited edition vinyl is on a traditional glossy black vinyl and limited to only 100 copies Worldwide! The double disc set limited edition is limited to 250 copies only worldwide. The first 40 pre orders will receive a limited edition holograph sticker of the album art.

Track Listing


1. The Unknown

2. Frozen Beneath The Snow

3. Universal Energy

4. Operation: Xenomorphic Protocol

5. The Oceanic Prelude

6. Subterranean Nightmare

7. Into The Aquatic Sector

8. Depravity



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