MONSTERUS - ZEALOTS IN THE LAND OF NOD (20th Anniversary CD) + 6 Bonus Tracks 2022 GIRDER RECORDS (Legends of Rock) Remastered, w/ LTD Collectors Card


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  • Originally released in 2002.

  • High-Quality Expanded 16 Page Booklet with photos and lyrics

  • Jewel Case CD
  • Special Foil Stamped LTD Collectors Trading Card #84
2022 Girder Records, GR1126
  • Legends of Rock™ Edition

  • CD Release Date: August 26, 2022
  • UPC: 763416070080
  • Officially Licensed
  • Legends of Rock™ Edition
  • 20th Anniversary ReRelease Landmark Debut Album
  • Remastered by Rob Coldwell at Bombworks Sound
  • Remanufactured at Original Pressing Plant
  • High-Quality Expanded 16 Page Booklet with Never-Before-Seen Photos and Rarities
  • Includes First Time on CD Nationally Released 2 Track ‘Oddible’ Special Edition Cassingle
  • Plus 2 Rare DEMOs from the highly collectible ‘DEMOnstrative’ Industry Promo CD
  • And Featuring 2 LIVE Cover Songs including U2 ‘Bullet The Blue Sky’ + Blue Oyster Cult ‘Godzilla’
  • Song by Song Liner Notes included in the CD packaging.


This Girder Records Legends of Rock™ release come in a jewel case with an expanded  booklet insert that includes readable lyrics, photos, liner notes. It also comes with a special LTD edition collectors trading card sealed inside, limited to only the first pressing. 


Girder is proud to present the 20th Anniversary Edition of Monsterus’ long awaited and highly anticipated debut album “Zealots in the Land of Nod” produced by former Capital Records engineer, Phil Mehaffey (James Brown, The Ohio Players, The Breeders) and Monsterus during the summer of 2002 and initially released through B2 Entertainment on August 3rd, 2003. At the time of its release, Monsterus had become one of Christian music's most talked about new artists. The title track ‘Zealots in the Land of Nod’ was a hit simultaneously reaching #1 on the Modern Rock + Edge charts in the USA, and Rock Charts in UK. The album single, ‘Supernatural!’ would reach #1 Most Played and Listened Songs of the Week and #2 Top Requested Song. Overseas, ‘Supernatural!’ would continue to build momentum cracking the Top 5 on Europe’s #1 Christian Hard Music Show “The Rock & Hard Place” hosted by Jonathan Bellamy airing on the Cross Rhythms Radio Network. At its peak ‘Zealots in the Land of Nod’ celebrated the rare occurrence of having three songs simultaneously in the Top 10: #3 ‘Zealots’, #4 ‘Digital Disciple’ and #8 ‘Supernatural!’

Impressed with the storyline and theming around ‘Zealots,’ Monsterus would be approached by Quest Comics President, Pete King to develop a 72 page Full-Color Graphic Novel to feature the band and based on their ‘Zealots’ story. Monsterus spent the next 6 months working with writer, Jeremy Zehr and premier comic artist, Mark Melton to develop additional characters and expand the storyline. The final script is presented in New York to Quest and work begins on editing and scripting an additional screenplay form of the final draft to pitch to Hollywood studios for motion picture possibilities. Songs from the album would later appear in the sci-fi animated film, ‘Aneste Brace of Two’ and on its supporting soundtrack.

In addition to being a regular headliner, Monsterus also performed at Rocketown in Nashville, TN headlining their Annual Metal Mania concert event as well as a feature performance at the LifeLight Festival in Sioux Falls, SD, which drew an estimated 230,000 people. Monsterus have played alongside such bands as Blindside (Three Point/Atlantic Records), Staple (Flicker Records) and Nodes of Ranvier (Facedown Records) and was approached to play 3 Christmas concerts over 7 days in mainland China. While on the road, the band would makes it’s national press debut in HM Magazine Issue #104 then returned for a Feature Story in Issue #106. HM would then extend an invitation for Monsterus to appear on their HM Hard Music Sampler to accompany the ‘GMA’ Issue #107 alongside Demon Hunter, Pillar, and Staple. Across the pond in Europe, Cross Rhythms Magazine reviewed over 180 New albums for the new year with only 16 albums receiving a perfect 10 Stars!!! Monsterus and P.O.D. were the only artists in the Hard Music Category to walk away with top honors earning the coveted 10 Star rating!!! In the same month, Greenbelt Festival’s official website publishes an article entitled “Why God is in the retail” and cites Monsterus as one of a handful of bands in the States as “up-and-coming” on the heels of P.O.D.!

Monsterus has been known from the outset, for their bold lyrical approach and riveting music. They not only bring great music for the hard music listener, but also a challenging message to all who listen. Monsterus also turned the ear and gained the support of some major influential industry experts as Mike Varney (President of Shrapnel Records), as well as garnered numerous endorsements from a growing list of such top music gear companies as DW Drums, GHS Strings, Rocktron, Vic Firth Drumsticks and May Mics. Musically Monsterus competes with the hardest bands in the secular industry. Lyrically they are like no other! If you do have history with this album then we don't need to say anything because if you know, you know. There is nothing quite like them in the Christian market.

You don’t want to miss this chance to grab this Remastered Legends of Rock™ release that come with lyrics, photos and a course we’ve given it the Girder treatment. It’s been completely Remastered and reloaded. Faithfully restored. It’s such an honor to be able to re-issue this album because of how important it was for the Christian music industry. These guys are ‘The Monsters of Rock!’


 Look At All These ★★★★★ Reviews

“This particular band (Monsterus) was a long time in coming...the dark goth/industrial influenced direction is a pleasant surprise. Many textures back up a soundscape that stays heavy but not too fast for commercial radio or mass consumption. Perhaps if Al Jourgenson and Gene Simmons produced a new album for Metal Church, the result might sound like this.”  ­– HM MAGAZINE :: Doug Van Pelt - Editor/Publisher

“Monsterus: the name says it all! The Monsterus trio is musically relentless, weaving heavy guitar riffs around a solid rhythm section, complimented by industrial-sounding keyboards. Their debut release, “Zealots in the land of Nod”, proudly displays not only their creative take on the hard rock genre but their passion to serve the Lord. Monsterus has received praise throughout the music industry for their musical creativity and integrity. And with a name that perfectly describes their sound, Monsterus is determined to unleash their music and message to the ends of the earth.”  ­– HM MAGAZINE :: Bradley Spitzer

“10 Stars!!!  ★★★★★★★★★★  This album is full-on adrenaline-packed industrial strength metal! This band are to be respected in the arena of hard music!”   ­– CROSS RHYTHMS (England/UK) :: Keith Singleton

“Monsterus are a power trio who've come up with an ambitious, sometimes byzantine, sonic amalgamation that forges a number of classic rock influences, all of it slathered with a heavy dose of hard rock muscle.”   ­– MUSIC CONNECTION MAGAZINE

The Future of Christian Metal... For anyone out there who is a true Christian believer, but loves Heavy Metal... it's probably very hard to find a great Christian Heavy Metal album. no more. This album is killer!!! I bought this album, and I listen to it just about every other day... and I've owned it for over 6 months now. They almost sound like a cross between Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails... and a little something else I can't put my finger on. The guitar riffs are bad-a**! The choruses often pump you up... and the beats are heavy. These guys are the future of Christian Metal... and I think with them, not only has the standard been set, it'll be tough to beat. Seriously...check 'em out!”   – AMAZON :: P. Lockwood


  1. Zealot in the Land of Nod 2:50
  2. Introgobondogo 2:34
  3. Karma? 3:49
  4. Hyper-Ultra-Amazing 3:35
  5. Supernatural! 3:09
  6. Trinity 2:57
  7. The Watchers 5:22
  8. Digital Disciple 3:19
  9. Gateway 5:24
  10. The Way Home 5:53
  11. A Gift 5:59
  12. Omens Of The Age 6:56
  13. Hyper-Ultra-Amazing (DEMO) 3:38
  14. Supernatural! (DEMO) 3:11
  15. Bullet The Blue Sky (LIVE) 5:19
  16. Godzilla (LIVE) 5:42


Mars Alan - Vocals, Guitar & Keys
Ron “Zilla” Campbell - Drums & Percussion
Don “Armageddon” Williams - Bass & Backing Vocals


Executive Producer: Greg Hays
Produced by: Phil Mehaffey & MONSTERUS
All Songs Written & Arranged by: MONSTERUS
Recorded, Engineered & Mixed by: Phil Mehaffey at CYBERTEKNICS
Remastered by: Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound
Art Direction & Design by: MONSTERUS
Band Photography by: Monty Milburn - OMS Photography
Live Photography of Ronzilla & Mars by: Heather Campbell
Live Photography of Don by: Nick Falzerano - Nicholas Studios
Cover Digital Illustration “The Fiery Furnace” by: MONSTERUS (based on Daniel 3) 


  1. Adam Clayton / Dave Evans / Larry Mullen / Paul David Hewson - Published by Universal Music Publishing Group
  2. Donald Roeser a.k.a. Buck Dharma - Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jeremy S. Zehr
Great Record!

I was shocked to see my name mentioned in the writeup for this excellent record - I immediately ordered my copy of the vinyl, and can't wait for it to show up. I was disappointed that we never got that graphic novel published, but Lars, Ronzilla, and Don are awesome. Looking forward to hearing it!

Diane C
WOW just a big WOW!

I have been acquainted with this group since they started…this CD has such anointed and awesome music…the new tracts are way cool! Just a super big WOW on this CD!

Customer Reviews

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