Neon Cross - w/ Frontline Life 5-Song EP + California Metal Tracks


  • Includes Frontline Life 5 Song EP Demo + California Metal Tracks
  • Includes both covers. New and Old.

Neon Cross was a Southern California melodic metal (hair metal) band that rose during the height of the Sunset Strip days.

In 1987 Regency Records asked them to record 2 songs for the California Metal Compilation and the 5-song EP Frontline Life Demo was released in 1987 as well. In 1988 they released their full-length self-titled album which went down as one of the best Christian Rock albums of all time.

Girder is so proud to be including NEON CROSS as part of our LEGENDS OF ROCK series and offering not only the 10 original songs completely remastered, but also 7 bonus tracks, 2 from California Metal I NEED YOUR LOVE and SON OF GOD as well as the complete 5 song EP Demo FRONTLINE LIFE. Completely remastered in a 8 page jewel case along with photos lyrics and songs in the right order as found on the Vinyl. Yes, the Cassette had songs titles in the wrong order on the J-card cover and the Magdallan records release was missing THE BATTLE from FRONTLINE LIFE.

Neon Cross is not just a heavy dose of metal and one of the best classic Christian Metal bands from the 80’s, it is also one of the most original bands. When so many bands were trying to sound like a secular mainstream counterpart, Neon Cross stood out and delivered one stunning metal song after another starting off with the furious riff in the opening song HEARTBREAKER it was a serious relief that when these vocals dropped, “Used to be so loving. Used to be so kind. Now I can’t get through to you, trying all the time… when you gonna open up and Let Him In?” we knew these guys could write songs with the best of them. They had the chops, the delivery, sound, and yes even “the look”, standing up to any metal band to come out of Hollywood in the 80’s.

Remember when you use to buy an album because you just had to have “that song”, only to find out that the rest of the album wasn’t as good? Well, this album was the exception. Every song rocked.

FRONTLINE LIFE, the second song, is a solid rocker with anthem screams and all. WE ARE THE CHILDREN has one of the best guitar intros of the album with speed and toughness. Thank you Don Webster. And those soaring vocals…David Raymond Reeves can shatter your window with those high-pitched screams. You’ll be putting this song repeat.

This album is as much melodic as it is tough driving metal with punch and delivery rarely found in the Christian Metal scene during that time.

Now with the addition of the 2 California Metal tracks as well as the Frontline Live demo, this album is everything you wanted and then some.


  1. Heartbreaker 3:45
  2. Frontline Life 3:31
  3. We Are The Children (Of Our Lord) 4:40
  4. On The Rock 2:41
  5. I'm Not Alone 5:57
  6. Right Time 4:09
  7. Run Into The Light 4:30
  8. Far Cry (From Eden) 4:33
  9. Outta The Way 3:50
  10. Victory 4:04
  11. I Need Your Love (California Metal) 
  12. Son of God (California Metal)
  13. The Battle
  14. Frontline Life
  15. We Are the Children (Of Our Lord)
  16. Far Cry (From Eden)
  17. Victory


    Customer Reviews

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    Brian Healan
    So Good

    The feelings that this album brings out are amazing.

    Great Job

    Girder records hit a grand slam with this release. I had the original 10 song s/t Neon Cross cd. This is an amazing Remaster. Sounds incredible. The CD arrived quickly and was well packaged also. Definately will purchase from Girder again.



    Michael McCabe
    Great quality reissue!

    Girder records did a great job remastering this album and getting it onto a disc and MP3 format for the 21st century. The sound is as good as possible given the original masters and it comes with great packaging. It's pretty amazing they there were not only able to get the original album but also both tracks from the California Metal Album. It is a minor quibble, but I think that the except for "The Battle", the Frontline Life demo recordings were unnecessary and would have been best left as bonus on the MP3s that come free with the purchase of the disc since these are simply inferior versions of these songs that also appear earlier on the disc. While I know this is dreaming, it would have been much better to have filled that space of the disc with the three tracts from the 1994 Premium Cuts (Rugged Records) release: "Buy My Record", "Mystery of Love", "In Your Mind".

    But why a two star rating? I would rather give it 2.5 stars but that is not possible. My biggest gripe with Neon Cross is that David Raymond sings nearly every note flat and slides between between each transition between notes. What possessed him to sing the cringe-worthy unaccompanied solo on "I'm Not Alone", I can't guess. Guitar solos are serviceable, but nothing to write home about. I will give them credit for putting together some otherwise catchy songs with positive Christ exalting lyrics and decent rhythm guitar riffs, but nothing NC does makes up for the vocals which turn me off.


    Between the years 1987-1989 Dr Feelgood had Appetite for Destruction. But in the back alleys of Los Angeles there was a force brewing that was about to confront the DR and let him know that he was no longer the boss. That force is the Jesus honouring Neon Cross. This band is full of gritty glam steely riffs. A vocalist reminiscent of Vince Neil 1981. The songs on this album are the greatest I’ve ever heard for Jesus Metal. In fact I will say this is the best Christian metal CD of all time. The furious WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF OUR LORD is comparable to Live Wire from the Crüe. The off the charts HEARTBREAKER starts this classic CD off like a hurricane. The vocals are relentless and those riffs...full of energy. Fabulous drumming. Like I’m just freaking out over this release. The grinding gallop of ON THE ROCK. that song just is a driving force. The groove of RIGHT TIME. and the killer slam of VICTORY. this is the complete package. To sum it up gritty guitars ear shattering super strong vocals hammering drums thundering bass and the gang vocals. I’ll say it again THIS IS MY FAVOURITE CHRISTIAN METAL ALBUM OF ALL TIME. also need to thank GIRDER MUSIC EMPIRE for handing us this piece of gold.

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