PERPETUAL PARANOIA - HELL FEST (*NEW-CD, 2021, Retroactive Records) Dale Thompson from Bride - guitar heroics from Tiago


PERPETUAL PARANOIA - HELLFEST (*NEW-CD, 2021, Retroactive Records) Dale Thompson from Bride - guitar heroics from Tiago

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Honestly this album definitely is my best album I have done. Dark heavy, aggressively and melodic. Every time I listen to the album, I felt with the spirituality the album is and going through. The message and vocals, Dale put it on, is unbelievable. This album is definitely, is big move to me and my career as a producer. 
                     Tiago James de Souza (Perpetual Paranoia guitarist extra-ordinaire)

Perpetual Paranoia takes my vocals into a whole new dynamic and I love the challenges that I have in this band. Hell Fest certainly is one of those albums that a vocalist cannot go into lightly. The songs are rich with aggression and theatre and in this sort of metal arena I found myself digging deep in order not to only bring out the best performance but the passion I have about the message within the individual songs. Any fan of metal will find value in the finished work of Hell Fest and hopefully the Spirit of the music and the intention why it was written and performed shines through. 
                     Dale Thompson (Vocalist of Perpetual Paranoia and Bride)

Mix and master by: Juan Urteaga (Testament, Exodus, Machine Head)

  (8 panel insert with lyrics / jewel case)
Hell Fest is Elite Dark, Thrash Metal featuring Tiago (Hand of Fire/Biogenesis) and Dale Thompson (Bride) - If you were headed to a deserted island and could take only one metal CD with you - this is a bonafide desert island disc!  It’s that brilliant! Tiago is one of the finest guitarists we have ever heard - wielding his molten metal axe and playing with jazz-inspired skill and precision. Taking no prisoners and leaving behind only mushroom clouds, tank treads, and an arachnid cadaver crawling across the landscape, Hell Fest is dark, heavy and the definition of METAL. Add in the primal screams and vocals of Dale Thompson who seems to only get more accomplished and better with age - and you have one of the finest metal albums 2021 will offer.  No band sounds like Perpetual Paranoia - this collection of musicians is creating music others can only hope to emulate, but expect to hear elements of Slayer, Toxic Holocaust, Kreator, Havok, and Celtic Frost. 

Featuring Michelle Braglia Rodovalho, Carlos Osnaya guitar solo participation. Derek Dorneles on the drums. Joe Moghrabi guitar solo.

The Martyr
Death is Coming For Me
Evil Eye
Meet My Maker
Hell Fest
Past You Leave Behind
I Talk to the Dead
Come to Life
Win or Lose
Love Death Madness
La Porte De l Enfer

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