PETRA (3 CDs) Washes Whiter Than, Never Say Die, Not Of This World


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Petra's Washes Whiter Than (1979), Never Say Die (1981) and Not of This World (1983) have been completely remastered from original sources.  Washes Whiter Than is the first time on CD with all the songs.  Never Say Die has never been on a CD by itself.  All 3 are in jewel cases with readable lyrics in a 8 page booklet and contains LTD collectors cards in each.  Christian Rock's #1 band is louder, crisper with more definition, punch and attitude and finally get the credit they deserve. 

  • Release Date: Nov. 19, 2021 
  • Washes Whiter Than, First Time Complete Album Is On CD!!!
  • Remastered from Original Sources
  • 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case CD
  • Includes LTD Trading Card
  • 2021 Girder Records
  • Legends of Rock™ Edition

Washes Whiter Than

  • First Time Complete Album Is On CD!!!
  • Remastered from Original Sources
  • 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case CD
  • Includes LTD Collector Cards
  • 2021 Girder Records, GR1112
  • Originally Release in 1979
  • Legends of Rock™ Edition


Originally released in 1979, Washes Whiter Than has never been on CD with all 10 songs, until now.  I know that is hard to believe but it was only released as a double album alongside of Never Say Die in 1988, leaving off 2 songs (#7 “Couldn't Find Love Without You” and #9 “Magic Words”). Finally, 42 years later we get to celebrate this complete album on CD for the first time ever.  Now, completely remastered from original sources and containing all 10 songs in the order it was originally released on cassette and vinyl.  Complete with LTD trading card, with an 8-page booklet containing lyrics, photos, and original credits in a jewel case. Incidentally, the original 1988 double album had all 10 songs listed on the disc face but not on the back of the CD (tray card) and were not actually on the CD.  The tray card also incorrectly had Never Say Die listed first and Washes Whiter Than second.  

Washes Whiter Than was Petra's 3rd album and introduced us to Greg X. Volz. It also introduced us to Rob Frazier and if you've been following our Legends of Rock series, you'll know that we released remastered CDs of both of Rob's first two solo albums.  Both Rob and Greg handled lead vocals for the album and even sang on both “I'm Thankful,” as well as “Yahweh Love.”  The band was intentional about creating a soft radio friendly album as their two previous albums were too hard/heavy for Christian radio in the 70s which was mellow. Thankfully, songs like “Morning Star” and “Magic Words” still rock, and musically it is a masterpiece and holds its rightful place among other albums. The album art was pretty cool too, originally created to look like a soapbox thanks to George Werth. Although there was no song called Washes Whiter Than, we clearly knew after listening to it, that Jesus washes our sins away. 


Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Bob Hartman
Lead Vocals - Greg X. Volz (tracks: 1, 4, 6, 8)
Lead Vocals - Rob Frazier (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10)
Bass – Chip Meyers
Drums, Percussion – Randy Nichols
Guitar – Gerald "Jit" Byron, Joel Balin
Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals – Robert Frazier*
Keyboards – George Atwell



  1. I’m Thankful (2:41)
  2. Why Should The Father Bother? (3:46)
  3. Morning Star (4:47)
  4. Magic Mirror (3:27)
  5. Mary’s Song (4:00)
  6. Yahweh Love (5:38)
  7. (Couldn’t Find Love) Without You (4:19)
  8. Taste And See (3:23)
  9. Magic Words (3:31)
  10. Deep Love (3:57



    Never Say Die

    • First Time Album Is On CD by Itself
    • Remastered from Original Sources
    • 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case CD
    • Includes LTD Trading Card
    • 2021 Girder Records, GR1116
    • Originally Release in 1981
    • Legends of Rock™ Edition



    Originally released in 1981. Something happened between 1979 and 1981.  Petra's 4th album Never Say Die took a turn to very AOR/Def Leppard-ish like approach compared to the Air Supply approach of Washes Whiter Than, dropping rockers like “Chameleon,” “Angel of Light,” “Without Him We Can Do Nothing,” “Father of Lights” and “Praise Ye the Lord.”  It became very clear that this band was headed for Christian Arena-Rock Stardom, leaving the classic mellower style behind and forging a new path towards 80's epic Christian rock band status and success that few bands enjoyed. You'll understand after listening to it how Petra went from hand to mouth to become Christian Music's first stadium rock band and indeed the genre's first supergroup putting on a show like Styx or Kansas traveling with a stage set-up that required 3 semi-trucks. This album is the all-out assault on the forces of darkness.  Yes, it was militant like, and yes we all officially enlisted in God’s army after hearing it.  From the graphics to the lyrics, to the stage set-up, Petra officially waged war on the enemy but also on the complacency of a Christian band that just wanted to rock, and rock they did. Only getting better with each and every album.

    The fact that this album was never on a CD alone by itself rather than on a 1988 double album with Washes Whiter Than surprises many to this day.  Thankfully it's now been remastered (and reloaded). Never Say Die is finally on a stand-alone CD complete with trading card and an 8-page booklet with lyrics and photos in a jewel case. Arena rock never sounded or looked better.



    1. The Coloring Song (2:52)
    2. Chameleon (5:47)
    3. Angel Of Light (4:21)
    4. Killing My Old Man (3:46)
    5. Without Him We Can Do Nothing (3:26)
    6. Never Say Die (3:42)
    7. I Can Be Friends With You (4:12)
    8. For Annie (4:24)
    9. Father Of Lights (3:02)
    10. Praise Ye The Lord (3:13)


        Not Of This World

        • Remastered from Original Sources
        • 8 Page Booklet, Jewel Case CD
        • Includes LTD Trading Card
        • 2021 Girder Records, GR1117
        • Originally Release in 1983
        • Legends of Rock™ Edition

        Originally released in 1983. If there was an album that might have influenced an entire Christian rock culture, look no further than Not of This World, the band’s 5th album.  By 1983, Petra was running on rocket fuel.  Not of This World proved to every creature on earth (and beyond) what a great rock album should sound like and while some Christian bands were content with using Christian cliches, Petra had more of an interest in providing hope.  It's no surprise looking back at why Petra reached an entire generation. They proved that you could have an album that rocked but also provided a message of hope, and none more powerful than their song “Grave Robber.”  Just take a moment and read these lyrics...

        There's a step that we all take alone
        An appointment we have with the great unknown

        Like a vapor this life is just waiting to pass

        Like the flowers that fade, like the withering grass

        But life seems so long and death so complete

        And the grave an impossible portion to cheat
        But there's One who has been there and still lives to tell
        There is One who has been through both heaven and hell

        And the grave will come up empty-handed the day

        Jesus will come and steal us away

        Where is the sting, tell me where is the bite
        When the grave robber comes like a thief in the night
        Where is the victory, where is the prize
        When the grave robber comes
        And death finally dies


        Petra - Not of This World will blow you away, and once again "Death will be swallowed in sweet victory."  Remastered from original sources with an 8-page booklet with lyrics in a jewel case. Also comes with a limited edition trading card.




        1. Visions (Doxology) 2:04
        2. Not Of This World 4:49
        3. Bema Seat 3:54
        4. Grave Robber 4:18
        5. Blinded Eyes 5:33
        6. Not By Sight 3:20
        7. Lift Him Up 3:26
        8. Pied Piper 4:00
        9. Occupy 3:28
        10. Godpleaser 4:35
        11. Visions (Reprise ) (Doxology) 2:28


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