Philadelphia - Search and Destroy (CD)

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  • Bonus Track "Losin' Out' included.
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  • Fully remastered.
  • Released: January 25, 2019
  • 8 Panel Jewel Case limited to 500.

Philadelphia is a Christian hard rock/metal band hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana. They put out their debut album, TELL THE TRUTH, in 1984. The next year they followed this up with SEARCH & DESTROY, a concept album about a young guy, Bobby. Fast forward to 2019 and Roxx Records has re-issued the album. The Cd booklet includes some killer artwork by fans. Philadelphia is: Brian Clark (bass and vocals), Brian Martini (drums), Phil Scholling (guitars), and Ronn Flowers (guitars). James A. Griffin produces, while Bill Bafford executive produces.

First up is the blazing metal title track 'Search & Destroy' which begins with the sound of a siren. This song describes the devil and his intentions: "Deadly lion on the prowl/Sharpened teeth, fearsome growl/Through the night he rides the wind/Seeking to devour, the claws extend/Another victim in his hands/Search and destroy/Prince of the air, false Messiah/Angel of light.../You will die without the Son". 'Bobby's Song' is a melodic rock song describing his situation: "Oh, what can you say when he turns love away and he's all on his own?/Outside he's so tough but inside it's a bluff and he feels so alone/When Bobby gets high his whole world is bright/But emptiness waits just like a chilly night". 'Oh My Boy' is a rock ballad on which God declares His love for the lost Bobby: "Oh my boy/The world will be so cold to you/I can tell the pain that you'll be going through/Just remember everyday/My love will find a way/You're my boy/You're my boy, such a part of Me/You belong/It's just we two". There's some great electric guitar work here!

'Judgment Day' rocks, talks of child abuse, and offers hope: "Bobby knows, he won't tell/It's a torture that destroys/Mom and Daddy made a hell/It's big enough for a little boy/Jesus loves the little children and there will be hell to pay/Their wounded spirits cry for justice/And they call it judgment day". 'Mirror Man' is a good metal song that calls out the devil: "Evil master, ruler of this world/Cruel eyes watching as your wicked plans unfurl/Captive innocents, wrap themselves in chains/Blinded by your deadly touch/They'll never be the same.../'Take all you can' you said/'Nobody cares for you/They're looking out for No. 1'/And I believed it too". 'Fastrack' finds Bobby wanting nothing to do with God: "Fastrack livin', I'm livin the way I please/Fastrack livin', I'm tending to my needs.../You're gonna tell me 'Jesus loves me'/I've got no time for God above me".

Next up is 'Showdown', a rock song that proves God's love and finds Bobby softening his heart: "I'm not going to hide any longer/I've run so far/I'm runnin' no further.../I can't believe He's come to me/He's sayin' He loves me/A rebel son, with all I've done/But the Risen One/He holds out His hands to me". 'Decision Time' gives Bobby a choice: "One man has borne the cross/He was God, He took the loss and He broke the power of Satan/Crushed Him to the ground/Will you still conspire, consumed in holy fire/Is it evil or the truth you desire?/It's decision time.../Only Christ can save". The CD only bonus track 'Losin' Out' closes things out. It contrasts Christians with Christ: "But if they receive so freely why can't they as freely give?/And if their hearts are so full of Jesus why don't they freely love like He did?"

SEARCH & DESTROY is a must have album for fans of Christian hard rock and metal. It simply tells the story of a young guy who is troubled, going through life. He is caught in spiritual warfare. Satan tells him he's worth nothing and seeks the destruction of his soul. God calls out to him telling him he's of great value and is perfectly loved and can have eternal life through Christ. 

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