Resurrection Band - Civil Rites (CD) REZ Glenn Kaiser

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  • Christian Rock
  • 1991 Grrr Records
  • New, Sealed CD
  • Some of the greatest songs Rez ever released is on this album

Resurrection (Rez) Band was one of the early pioneers of Christian rock music. They began in 1972 as a part of a Christian traveling community called Jesus People USA that would set up Christian rock revivals in towns and cities all over the south and midwest United States. They released their first album in 1979 and continued playing Christian rock music through 16 albums and over 25 years.

Known predominantly for their hard rock sound led by husband and wife duo Glenn and Wendi Kaiser, they also incorporated heartfelt ballads, gritty blues, and even some experimental electronic music. Rez toured all over the world, playing rock & roll and preaching the gospel; breaking down conventional prejudices against hard rock music in the traditional church. They helped to open the doors to countless musicians who can now express themselves and their relationship to God in all manner of musical styles.

  1. Lovespeak3:29
  2. Mission Bells3:36
  3. Comatose3:14
  4. Death Machine2:57
  5. Players4:17
  6. Lincoln's Train4:42
  7. Hotfootin'2:55
  8. Little Jeanie2:44
  9. Footprints4:29
  10. Pauper's Grave2:37
  11. In My Room4:30
  12. Somebody To Love3:01

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