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  • Remastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sounds, original tracks
  • 16 page booklet, jewel case, special pics and write ups
  • THE Definitive Reissue of this critical album
  • For Fans of Queensryche, Metal Church, Fate Warning, Barren Cross

There are a few bands that but out defining career debut albums.  Rebellion is at the top and possibly one of the best albums to come out of the 80's metal era.  Remastered with a 16 page booklet, this 2019 Metal Icon Series is the definitive release.

Angelic Warlord’s Top 15 Albums Of 1988 features one single album rated as the #1 most important album of a year many consider the pinnacle of heavy metal greatness. That top spot from the top year belongs to Rebellion by Sacred Warrior. This is a no-brainer #1 for those who lived in 1988, and purchased the release of Rebellion. Sinister guitar-shred fests like “Children of the Light” and “Day of the Lord” are embedded in the hearts and souls of fans to this day. The infectious lyrics and progressive melodies from epic tracks like “Black Metal” and “Stay Away From Evil” contain pure magic conjured by a band every bit as good as Queensryche, Iron Maiden, and Crimson Glory (yes, indeed!). In fact, with the release of Rebellion, fans would have the first installment of four albums spanning from 1988-1991 that would re-define the standard of heavy metal greatness. It is near impossible to find four consecutive albums more powerful, more magnetic, and more impactful than Sacred Warrior’s. And, while the band would go on to grow and mature lyrically and musically, for many fans the debut release of Rebellion will always be the favorite. Rebellion showcases 12 melodic metal anthems that rock the world, and are essential companions on life’s journey. The 2019 Retroactive Records CD reissue is the first of the Metal Icon Series, and features a 16 page booklet packed with band photos, a write up from Heaven’s Metal Magazine’s Jonathan “Doc” Swank, lyrics and more! It also features a fresh 2019 remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. This is THE definitive reissue of one of Christian metal’s most definitive albums.


In 1988 the Christian metal movement was really beginning to grow. Bands like Bloodgood and Stryper were already very popular on the scene. However, most new bands were either moving towards the popular thrash or pop metal sounds. There were very few Christian bands exploring the melodic and progressive style of bands like QueensrycheCrimson Glory and Fates Warning. Sacred Warrior were one of the very first notable bands on the scene with "Rebellion" being their debut to the world. Sacred Warrior fused the melodic, progressive metal sound with a heavy American power metal style. Songs like "Children of the Light" and "The Heavens Are Calling" are pure American power metal that would rival Metal Church, while the title track, "Stay Away from Evil" and "Day of the Lord" are more melodic. Of course, what really makes or breaks a band of this style is the vocalist. Sacred Warrior vocalist Rey Parra is often compared to one of heavy metal's elite singers, Geoff Tate of Queensryche. While the comparison is valid, Parra also has a style and charisma all his own. His high, soaring, glass-shattering voice is the catalyst of Sacred Warrior's sound, combined with a tight rhythm section, amazing guitar solos, searing riffs and memorable songs. The band's lyrical direction stood in direct opposition to the many bands out there using "evil" as a shock tactic to sell records. Their message was a direct attempt to infiltrate the dark heavy metal scene with a message of hope and faith in Jesus. 


Black Metal 
Mad, Mad World 
Stay Away From Evil 
He Died 
Children Of The Light 
Day Of The Lord 
The Heavens Are Calling 
Master Of Lies 
Sword Of Victory

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