• 16 page booklet in jewel case, special pics, write-ups and more.
  • The Definitive reissue of this classic metal album
  • Remastered by J. Powell at Steinhaus, original tracks
  • For fans of Iron Maiden, Queensryche, and Crimson Glory! 

This 2019 "Metal Icon Series" release of Sacred Warrior's Wicked Generation is the definitive reissue with remastered songs and a 16 pages packed full of special pics, write-up and inside stories and of course lyrics.

Sacred Warrior’s 1990 Wicked Generation is an album with a much darker vibe than previous masterpieces – one which would stir mixed reactions from the fan base. Wicked Generation, while controversial for its darker remains an essential part of the Sacred Warrior story. Certainly, it is the most conceptual album of the four, with many similarities to Operation Mindcrime, but with a positive message. Wicked Generation was the “ministry” album made to reach the those lost and broken - the destitute, depraved and forgotten. Dealing with issues such as child abuse, suicide, dabbling in the demonic and sin in general, these songs have a heavy vibe for sure. If you weren’t a Christian back in the 90’s, this is the album most likely to make you curious about God. The dark subject matter was accompanied by Parra’s haunting vocal delivery, Swift’s frenetic and progressive guitar heroics, and Velasquez’s percussive snare and tom attacks nicely conveying a sense of battle. The music and the lyrics come together to hammer home a thunderous, sobering metallic attack like the metal world had never experienced, especially in the Christian scene.

"Are You Ready" and "Minister by Night" both push the boundaries of speed metal. The rest of the album is mid to slow paced progressive metal with great vocals. This is somewhat of a concept album with a story about a young person struggling through life and finally finding hope in Christ. The liner notes state, "They're not children of Satan, they're who we make them." If there is one thing you can't accuse Sacred Warrior of it's writing wimpy lyrics. They are very upfront about their Christianity but also includes no-apologies in your face metal onslaught that you expect form Sacred Warrior's storied history.


This is one of the 3 new Sacred Warrior albums that Retroactive released this past month.  It my opinion it is also their most under-rated.  It's symphonic yet thrashy.  It has all of Sacred Warriors best qualities.

No Happy Endings 5:09
Little Secrets 6:18
Standing Free 5:00
Are You Ready 3:05
Minister By Night 3:35
Miss Linda 4:51
In The Night 5:58
Warriors 3:13
Wicked Generation 4:44
War Torn Hero 4:57

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