SHOUT (3 NEW-CD BUNDLE) It Won't Be Long, In Your Face, Shout Back - 2019 Girder Records

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  • Includes all 3 Shout CDs
  • It Won't Be Long + 4-Song Shout Demo (2019 Girder)
  • In Your Face - (2019 Girder)
  • Shout Back - (2019 Girder)

We just released all 3 SHOUT CDs, featuring Ken Tamplin and Chuck King.  All of these CDs are now IN-STOCK and bundles together with FREE SHIPPING (in the US). 

These albums have been completely re-mastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. They include in-depth band insights provided by Chuck King and Ken Tamplin in handsome 8 page booklet jewel case reissues.



Shout was a 80’s metal band formed by Ken Tamplin and Chuck King. Shout’s first album

In 1987 Chuck was playing with the band Idle Cure but looking for more of a permanent role in music and simply trying to find the right path. Ken Tamplin was a guitarist in the band Joshua and was himself wanting to try something new. Shout was born.

Tamplin and King made quite the duo and were able to not only put together amazing harmonies, but had the screaming guitar hooks and vocal chops that rival some of the biggest bands of the day. Shout commanded immense and almost instant respect from the growing mainstream metal community the second THIS WON’T BE LONG hit the market. Very few bands even came close to touching this masterpiece.  Shout focused its efforts on music quality, something that the Christian rock fans were really clamoring for. Too many bands of that era focused 90% on ministry and 10% on music. Shout had no interest living ministry behind, but new that the industry needed top quality musicianship. The Encyclopedia of Christian Music cites them as begin even more competent than Stryper.


IT WONT BE LONG was released in 1988 with their sophomore follow-up IN YOUR FACE releasing in 1989.

The stories the Ken and Chuck share are nothing short of amazing and explain the miracle that almost never was, stories from the road as well as photos.

Shout signed a deal with Frontline Records in 1987, after submitting a 3 song demo to Frontline and went on to record their first album, “It’s Won’t Be Long”. It was recorded with session musicians including Lanny Cordola (Magdalen), Marty Friedman (Megadeth) and Michael Angelo (Nitro) but soon after recruited the bassist Loren Robinson and drummer Joseph Galletta from his former band Joshua.

In Won’t Be Long begins with the fast paced NEVER STOP that includes one of the best bridges you’ll ever find on an album.   WINNERS AND LOSER, the 2nd song was an anthem that took fans by surprised. It included over the top melodies and fist-pumping onslaught of drums and duo-guitar work. But when the title track IT WON’T BE LONG starts off, you find out that this album is going to have one hit after another, with power metal anthems through-out and one of the best front-to-back run of songs of any album to come out of the 80’s. The song SHOUT summed it all up with it lyrics “Shout it out, never let it take you down. Shout it out, livin’s what it’s all about.


The much anticipated follow-up IN YOUR FACE sold in excess of 40,000 copies within the first month of its release and was exactly what it states, loud and in your face. The title track IN YOUR FACE won a dove award for hard music song in 1990. Every track in the album is strong, leaving nothing held back. Flying guitar work at its best.


In 1999, 10 years after Shout's sophomore album  IN YOUR FACE and 9 Ken Tamplin solo album later SHOUT BACK was released, and wow they were back with a vengeance. From vocals to guitars Ken Tamplin and friends brought years of music excellence to this album.   This 20th Anniversary Edition have been reloaded and re-worked with enhanced and bonus material.

From the rockers like NO WAY, NO HOW and AD/BC to the high energy rendition of RARE EARTHS' 1970's I JUST WANT TO CELEBRATE. Shout delivers 15 songs of music proficiency and excellence, plus 3 bonus tracks originally released on the 1998 European Only release of Where Love Is.

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