Shout - In Your Face (CD) 2019




  • Released February 28, 2019
  • AOR Melodic Hard Rock/Metal with Blazing Guitars and Huge Vocals
  • Jewel Case w/8 Page Booklet Full of History, Photos and Lyrics
  • Featuring Ken Tamplin & Chuck King
  • Re-mastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound

IN YOUR FACE when it was originally released in 1989, 30 years ago, sold nearly 50,000 copies within the first month of its release and was exactly what it stated, in your face. The title track IN YOUR FACE actually won a dove award for hard music song in 1990


Even louder with more punch and attack.

Shout was a 80’s metal band formed by Ken Tamplin and Chuck King. Shout’s first album IT WONT BE LONG was released in 1988 with their sophomore follow-up IN YOUR FACE releasing in 1989. Both of these albums have been completely re-mastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and come with song lyrics, in depth band insights provided by Chuck King and Ken Tamplin in these handsome 8 page booklet jewel case reissues.



IN YOUR FACE sold in excess of 40,000 copies within the first month of its release and was exactly what it states, loud and in your face. The title track IN YOUR FACE won a dove award for hard music song in 1990. Every track in the album is strong, leaving nothing held back. Flying guitar work at its best.

One of the most rocking and underrated albums from the glorious 1989 year has been remastered in its 30th anniversary: “In Your Face”, by SHOUT. Do you like Whitesnake’s ‘American’ era circa ‘Slip Of The Tongue’? Then you need to check out this killer disc now.
If one wants a high quality Eighties melodic hard rock band with needed elements in the form of catchy songs, soaring vocals and shredding guitar leads – not to mention the spandex and aqua net to go hand in hand – then you can hardly go wrong with Shout.
Shout formed in 1986 when vocalist and guitarist Ken Tamplin, previously part of melodic metal act Joshua, and guitarist Chuck King, member of AOR / melodic rock group Idle Cure, met via an ad in a Los Angeles area classified paper, The Recycler. With bassist Loren Robinson (also Joshua) rounding out its initial lineup, the band arrived at the name Shout.
After submitting a demo tape, Shout signed a deal with Frontline Records in 1987 and went on to record their first album with some session musicians helping. It was a moderate success, but Shout toured all over the US.

This follow up effort from 1989 “In Your Face” found Shout rounding out its roster with drummer Joseph Galletta and keyboard player Marc Hugenberger in delivering the overall bigger and heavier sound while maintaining the melodic hard rock hook driven penchant.
Now solidified as band, Shout wanted a punchy commercial sound so in vogue around 1988-89, and the production is huge, multi-tracked, big.
Indeed, “In Your Face” highlights the typical growth songwriting wise bands make between their first and second albums. Catchy US MHR hooks is the motto here, as found on opening cut “Borderline” in combining a firm guitar presence with an engaging layered vocal harmony driven refrain, and follow up number “When The Love Is Gone” from matching the heaviness while upping the forthright melody to even higher levels.

In a more commercial vein is “Give Me An Answer”, slickly done with killer guitar work to start and pristine refrain to repeat song’s title in sleek fashion.
Bordering AOR, “Faith, Hope And Love” set apart with its draw-you-in-at-once radio friendly melody and smooth production. A mid-tempo ballad appears in “Waiting On You”, lightening impetus as even guitars and airy keyboards stand alongside Tamplin’s gripping vocal performance.

Upping aggression is “Getting’ Ready”, upholding a driving mentality to find quite the catchy chorus dig and bite, and albums title track, perhaps Tamplin’s finest ever composition with its metal guitar sheen in playing up a montage of Eighties guitar shredders: Lanny Cordola, Michael Angelo, Marty Friedman, Randy Hansen and others. Killer track.
Manifesting the bluesy but also of a forthright nature is “It’s All I Need”, catchy as anything here but with more of a straight on hard rocking edge pointing towards the gusty mid-paced.
More AOR waves appear with the elevated keyboard use in “Ain’t Givin’ Up”, very melodic and with a slightly British feel.

If you missed out on Shout back in the day or are interested in an upgraded version (original release is out of print) of “In Your Face”, this remaster sounds terrific. The album itself is a terrific slice of catchy, hooky US Melodic Hard Rock plenty of biting songs and melodic, AORish tunes / harmonies.
As said, in the vein of Whitesnake’s ‘Slip Of The Tongue’, Hurricane, Lion, etc.
HIGHLY Recommended


  1. Borderline 
  2. When The Love Is Gone 
  3. Give Me An Answer 
  4. Faith, Hope, And Love 
  5. Gettin’ Ready 
  6. In Your Face 
  7. Getting On With Life 
  8. Waiting On You 
  9. Moonlight Sonata 
  10. It’s All I Need 
  11. Ain’t Givin’ Up (The Pay The Bills Song)


The stories the Ken and Chuck share are nothing short of amazing and explain the miracle that almost never was, stories from the road as well as photos and even some surprises which we are not announcing quite yet, but will soon.

In 1987 Chuck was playing with the band Idle Cure but looking for more of a permanent role in music and simply trying to find the right path. Ken Tamplin was a guitarist in the band Joshua and was himself wanting to try something new. Shout was born.

Shout signed a deal with Frontline Records in 1987, after submitting a 3 song demo to Frontline and went on to record their first album, “It’s Won’t Be Long”. It was recorded with session musicians including Lanny Cordola (Magdalen), Marty Friedman (Megadeth) and Michael Angelo (Nitro) but soon after recruited the bassist Loren Robinson and drummer Joseph Galletta from his former band Joshua.

Tamplin and King made quite the duo and were able to not only put together amazing harmonies, but had the screaming guitar hooks and vocal chops that rival some of the biggest bands of the day. Shout commanded immense and almost instant respect from the growing mainstream metal community the second THIS WON’T BE LONG hit the market. Very few bands even came close to touching this masterpiece.  Shout focused its efforts on music quality, something that the Christian rock fans were really clamoring for. Too many bands of that era focused 90% on ministry and 10% on music. Shout had no interest living ministry behind, but new that the industry needed top quality musicianship. The Encyclopedia of Christian Music cites them as begin even more competent than Stryper.

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Just wow Ken delivers amazing vocals as always and just rips crazy solos it’s amazing not one track stinks on this album all killer no filler

Shout In Your Face Review

I heard of Ken Tamplin back in 1990 when I bought the In Your Face cassette. Since then. He has many solo albums, worked with House of Lords Lanny Cordorla on the Magdallan Big Bang album, wrote music for several movies, has a vocal academy and is a multi instrumentalist. With an impressive history, this review is focused on the In Your Face album. When Ken left the Joshua around 1987, he recruited Joshua's bassist Loren Robinson drummer Joe Galletta and Idle Cure's Chuck King on guitars and formed Shout. In your Face was the second album. This Girder reissue comes with a jam packed 8 page booklet with an article, lyrics and band pics form that time. With all that said, let's talk about the music. Recently I compared the original Intense Records song files to this new remaster and there is a big difference. The drums has more punch, the bass and low end and the higher elements of the sound stood out more - more of a dynamic range. To me there is a more clarity of sound. This was remastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound who has remastered many other albums. Some stand out tracks are: Borderline, Give Me an Answer, In Your Face, It's All I Need and Ain't Givin Up. I love the lyrics, "Evidence pointing to a truth that must be known" and "We’re in a time spoken of long ago" - these words points to Christ. If you like high octane, guitar shredding, commercial hard rock, then you need t get this album from Girder Music - a great addition to any music collection.

Oh yeah!!!!!

Now this is what’s it is all about. What a slammin monster of a disc. Gets me super fired up to Krank this all day long. These remastered CDs are just jaw dropping. It’s like a brand new release. Outstanding work!!!

A Remastered Masterpiece!

“In Your Face”, never thought I was going to have the same felling I had 20 years ago when I heard this album for the very first time, this remaster edition got me impressed with the quality of the sound.

Now I can listen to “Give Me An Answer”, "Faith, Hope and Love" and "It's All I Need" the way it’s meant to be listened to, with volume all the way up, crispier sound, bass, guitars and drums re-defined.

Trust me, I’ve been listening to these two Shout remastered albums every single day, you will do the same when you pre-order them, you won’t regret it.

Remastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound, this remaster edition sounds better than ever and can prove that even after 30 years of it’s original release this album can become one of your favorite and be on your daily playlist, what else could you ask for?

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