Shout Tamplin 4-CD Bundle. Axe To Grind, It Won't Be Long, Shout Back, Tamplin

4 CD Shout Tamplin Bundle that contains the following CDs
  • Ken Tamplin - Axe To Grind (CD)
  • Shout - It Won't Be Long (CD)
  • Shout - Shout Back (CD)
  • Tamplin (CD)

It Won't Be Long is the 2019 remastered version that also contains the 4 song demo. ShoutBack was the 3rd shout album which had an awful cover but the music on this things was stunningly great.  Tamplin, Ken's solo project was one of the best albums he released. Ken Tamplin - Axe to Grind is a virtuoso masterpiece with multiple guitarist, plus 3 bonus tracks.  

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