Stormthrash - Systematic Annihilation (CD)

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New, Factory Sealed CD.

Stormthrash is born in late 2006 in Caracas, Venezuela by Argenis Betancourt (Drums), Luis Fuentes (Guitar), Walvin Brito (Voice) and Hendifer Castillo (Bass) and heavily influenced by old school Thrash Metal bands like Dark Angel, Sodom, Destruction, Slayer, etc.

Appearing for the first time on stage in 2009 with a new line up – joined by Darío Guillen (Bass), Adrian Sanchez (Guitar) and Alejandro Florez (Voice) - and editing their first demo in 2010 entitled "War, Death and Terror”.

In 2012 the band publishes the first EP "Stormthrash", consisting of 6 tracks of old school-thrash metal, Stormthrash gaines a lot of attention from the Venezuelan public and wider Latin America. Also in 2012 Stormthrash is invited to play the most important national festival called "Gillmanfest" where they share the stage with great national and international bands like Destruction (Thrash Metal; Germany), Tren Loco (Heavy Metal; Argentina) and the Gillman Band (Heavy Metal; Venezuela).

Since 2013 Stormthrash features a new and ultimate lineup with Adolfo Llovera (Lead Guitar), Alejandro Florez (Voice), Argenis Betancourt (Drums), Dario Guillen (Bass) and Luis Fuentes (Rhythm Guitar).

With the first full length, "Systematic Annihilation", featuring 10 tracks of progressive Thrash Metal plus 2 older bonus tracks the band is ready and more than able to reach new limits in the world wide scene.

 Selling Points:

  • One of the very best thrash-newcomers from South America  
  • 10 songs plus 2 bonus tracks from the sold out 2012 EP
  • 16 pages-booklet with artwork, pics & all lyrics
  • limited edition (300 copies)


  1. Incipiens Ad Finem
  2. Don’t Learn To Be Corpse
  3. Burn This Town
  4. The Art Of Destruction
  5. Life Of Suffering
  6. Kingdom Of Chaos
  7. Systematic Annihilation
  8. Dark Days
  9. Error Mortal
  10. The End Is Imminent
  11. Killer Satisfaction (Bonus Track)
  12. Stormthrash (Bonus Track)

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