Tango Down - Charming Devil (CD)

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American hard rockers Tango Down are back with a new album, their fourth overall, titled Charming Devil. The band made a major splash with their previous album (2012's Identity Crisis), thanks in large part to the addition of David Reece (Bangalore Choir, ex-Accept) on vocals. Reece proved to be a perfect fit for Tango Down?s brand of melodic rock, and Identity Crisis was very well received by fans. Needless to say, expectations are high for Charming Devil.

Even in the band's early days, Tango Down had a great mix of the Hollywood hair metal and more polished melodic rock sounds, and with a decade under their belts, they've perfected that style. The catchy hooks and flashy solos are balanced by some really effective melodies and a smooth production. Reece helps bridge the two worlds too, going from the barroom-rocking swagger of Bad Reputation to the soulful, bluesy earnestness of Nothing But Rain without missing a beat.

For the most part, with Charming Devil the band is carrying the overall sound and energy of Identity Crisis forward, which, given the fan reaction to that album, is exactly what they needed to do. The only noticeable difference is that they sound tighter as a band and the songwriting particularly the lyrics is stronger. There are no obvious filler tracks on this one, perhaps because the band kept the album to a tight ten well-written songs. The heavy, catchy title track is probably the album's best song, but the hard-charging Tunnel Vision and the AOR-worthy Too Many Roads are also highlights.

This one's a winner. Charming Devil should more than satisfy the band's existing fanbase, and the album is strong enough to win over new fans as well. Whether your taste runs to the classic 80s bands like Firehouse, Warrant and (of course) Bangalore Choir or modern melodic rock bands like Burning Rain, Adriangale and The Last Vegas, you need to check out Tango Down.

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