The Hemphills  - I Can Smile (Vinyl)

The Hemphills - I Can Smile (Vinyl)

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Southern Gospel
1986 Riversong Records
For fans of:The Paynes, Nelons, Rusty Goodman, The Hinsons, Blackwood Brothers, Gold City, Hokins Family,


Track Listing

  1. åÊI Come on Business for the King
  2. Never a Man Spake Like This Man
  3. I‰۪m in This Church
  4. He‰۪s Still Working on Me
  5. Good Things
  6. I‰۪m not Perfect (just Forgiven)
  7. Well of Grace
  8. It Wasn‰۪t raining (When Noah Built the Ark)
  9. I Claim the Blood
  10. Master of the Wind
  11. God likes People
  12. I can Smile
  13. Jesus Built this Church on Love
  14. Ring the Bells
  15. Let‰۪s have RevivalåÊ