The Showbread - Anorexia (CD)



Showbread released two new albums on May 13th, 2008. Each with twelve completely different songs. One album is called Anorexia and the other is called Nervosa. These records are not conventional musical recordings. They are the soundtracks to a story called 'Anorexia Nervosa' which is split into two, ten chapter segments, one segment comes included with one record and the second comes with the other. As you read the story, the album acts as a musical accompaniment to the text. Musically, the sound is some of the most lush, organic as well as some of the most harsh, synthetic material we've ever done. It's sweeping and ominous, then jagged and screeching.The band's website reads 'This is the most exciting time for Showbread- we have completed our best work ever and God is preparing us to unleash it on the world.'


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