VENGEANCE RISING - RELEASED UPON THE EARTH (2014 Roxx) remastered with bonus tracks


Completely remastered with brand new bonus track material never released on a Vengeance Rising album!

01 Help Me
02 The Damnation Of Judas And The Salvation Of The Thief
03 Released Upon The Earth
04 Human Dark Potential
05 Instruments Of Death
06 Lest You Be Judged
07 Out Of Bounds
08 Bishop Of Souls
09 Tion
10 You Will Be Hated
11 Interview 1992 (Daniel Mike & Johnny)
12 Interview 1992 (George Ochoa)

Released Upon The Earth was the bands 4th and final release before they would call it a day and if you think you have heard this release before, guess again! This remaster, and the next title, are both being completely remastered by Sid Garcia (Deliverance, Ultimatum & more) and they both sound amazing! In addition to all of the original tracks we have included some rare long lost radio interviews featuring George Ochoa, Johnny Vasquez and Daniel Cordova that were recorded in Jacksonville Florida during the Released Upon The Earth tour. This is one Limited Edition collectible that every Vengeance Rising fan needs to add to their collection before they are gone!



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