We Are Resolute - Shine The Light (CD)

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  • Release Date: July 31, 2020
  • New Sealed CD

This is the latest work Dale (Bride) with Michigan’s very own We Are Resolute ‘Shine The Light’

We Are Resolute is a lot more than just Dale Thompson though, the band features the talents of Bryan Carman handling all the guitars and bass by John Mokma who is also handling all the drums! All three together equals another blistering project fronted by powerhouse Christian rock vocalist Dale Thompson.

Shine The Light features 10 new tracks

Track Listing: 

1. Inside

2. Chaisng Shadows

3. Crazy

4. Shine The Light

5. Your Enemy

6. Dont Listen

7. Why I Cry

8. Mad At God 

9. Kingdom of Heaven

10. We Will See Him

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