10 Reasons You'll want to purchase Chaotic Resemblance

When we listened to this album we got 10 of the biggest surprises.


I'll never forget the day I picked up Oz Fox (Stryper) from the hotel in Bolingbrook and he put this bands first full-length album in and said, "just listen."  It was really good and I am so happy to tell you that 4 years ago this band sounded good.  However today, this band is even better.  Also produced by Oz Fox of Stryper and Josiah from the band Disciple, this album has it all.  

Here are the 10 reasons why you need to buy this album.


  1. .45 seconds into song #2, it all comes together with the coolest break down I have ever heard.  So creative, so heavy metal.
  2. The song Jesus is King will go down as one of the best Rock Ballads and worshipful experiences that you'll hear. When a band matures, this is what you get.
  3. They are a TRUE CHRISTIAN ROCK BAND. The guys love Jesus.  No they don't just go to church, they live out the meaning of reaching the lost.  From praying with peeps in the walmart parking lot to sharing with that lost kid after the show... this band is real.  
  4. It feels like Stryper 1984 all over again.  I remember hearing their EP for the first time... I just knew that it was only going to get better.  So don't wait and jump on later, jump now. 
  5. It sounds better the louder you turn it up. I strongly recommend that you put it in your car and just drive.  The MP3s just don't do it justice. 

    We added the video to this page here
  7. The entire album is cruchy, fist pumping in your face heavy metal. All 11 songs have it.
  8. Like all great albums... the more you listen to it, the better it gets. There is so much going on with songs like THE MARK, that you need to "give it a spin" old vinyl terminology for those who need that explained. 
  10. Because there has been great rock in the last 10 years but not like this.  YOU GET THE ENTIRE PACKAGE.  A Band with the live show that kills it, great tunes, awesome dudes, and music that rivals anything else coming out in the Christian market today.