Oz Fox Had This To Say About Even The Devil Believes

I recently caught up with Oz Fox guitarist from Stryper and spoke for some time about the new album EVEN THE DEVIL BELIEVES. 

Many of you know that I have a close friendship with Oz.  I've shared stories and Oz has shared videos ; )  After getting off the phone with him, I really wanted to relay two thoughts with you...well actually 3 which will make more since in a moment.

When you look at the vast landscape of Stryper's music and reflect on the many years of Stryper music you really will begin to appreciate this one comment OZ made. 

He told me, "We worked really hard on this album." and as basic as that statement is, it led me to believe that if Oz is saying this, which could easily be said about every album that Stryper has recorded, there must be something more behind this than just a basic statement.  There must be something that really stuck out.  So after asking for more details, it became clear that this was not just another album to him or to the band.  You can only wonder what goes through Oz's mind right now and though we talk a lot about his medical condition, I have chosen to give Oz privacy.  I have always chosen to put our friendship ahead of any business or music.  He and I both prefer it that way. 

He proceeded to share that he and the band still really have a passion for this music.  It's not about throwing out another album, it about putting their love into each and every song and it really shows on this album.  Neither does it sound rushed or thrown together.  To me (greg) it actually sounds very deliberate and calculated.  Each note, each chord, each verse, each bridge and each chorus.  It hums like a like pistons on a well oiled engine.  Like brush strokes on a canvas that paint a flawless picture. The timing, technique and songs are done to perfection and is near flawless.

I asked him if he had fun and he said "Of course, it was a lot of work, but we also had some really good pizza."  If you know Oz you'll know that that was an exact quote.  He's always one to add fun and humor to even the biggest of task which he always seems up for.  

It seems like every time I speak with Oz he gives me one more reason to love him and the band... which I earnestly do.  

So one behalf of Oz and Myself, thank you for supporting Stryper for so many years. I hope you will consider supporting Girder and Stryper by purchasing the CD and/or Vinyl below. 


- Greg