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Stryper - Even The Devil Believes  Album Review

Rating:  9.5
Release Date: September 4, 2020


I have to be honest with you

I have been a Stryper fan since 1984.  Like most of you, I have followed them through every album, went to as many shows as possible, bought shirts, and everything else they released.  I even had the honor of designing a few shirts and running their website for many years, during the 7 the best of, Reborn and The Covering years.  However as much as I have enjoyed their latest albums, they just didn't have the punch and the momentum that the first 5 albums had, imo.  Something about that Yellow and Black Attack, Soliders, To Hell With the Devil, In God We Trust and yes, even Against the Law were just magical.  But for me i was not the biggest fan of No More Hell to Pay, God Damn Evil, Fallen, Reborn and Murder By Pride. So when EVEN THE DEVIL BELIEVES came in-stock today, I was excited because I am a Stryper fan, yes, but i wanted it to be something really special. 

But....I have to tell you the truth. 

This album rocks from start to finish.  It everything i hoped it would be.  It got all that amazing Stryper punch but it's also hard driving rock with plenty of guitar solos in all the right places.  Each song flows with perfection.  If you were like me about the last few albums that rated about a 7.5-8.5 on a 1-10 scale. You will be giving this a AAAAA++++++ 10.  From AC/DC like rythyms to that true iconic Stryper sound, you are going to flip your lid when you listen to this.  

The first 7 songs rock like crazy.  Song 8, This is Pray is a ballad more in the vein of Bon Jovi era ballads, which is a good thing. Song 9, INVITATION ONLY is also a strong song, but when song 10 FOR GOD AND ROCK AND ROLL and song 11, MIDDLE FINGER MESSIAH, you are mesmerized again with such power and force.

I personally think this album should have been called MIDDLE FINGER MESSIAH.



- Gmoney (Greg)



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