Sanctus Real Won’t Let Me Go 7" Vinyl featuring Brennley Brown


  • 2024 Girder Music Christian Vinyl
  • 7" Single
  • Won't Let Me Go (featuring Brennley Brown) 

"Introducing the exclusive 7" vinyl release of 'Won’t Let Me Go (Acoustic)' by Sanctus Real featuring Brennley Brown. Exclusively released on Girder Music Christian Vinyl. Originally featured in their 2022 EP of the same name, this acoustic rendition became a digital-only release in 2023. Now, for the first time, experience the soulful magic on vinyl.

This special 7" project marks a first for Girder Music Christian Vinyl collaboration. Inspired by an upcoming live event with Brennley Brown, we seized the opportunity to bring this song to vinyl for the first time, with a particular
fondness for the captivating track 'Won’t Let Me Go.' The collaboration swiftly gained momentum with the enthusiastic participation of Mikel from Framework Records, Brennley, and Sanctus Real.

As newcomers to the vinyl pressing scene, we sought guidance from Greg at Girder Records, renowned for his remarkable reissues of Petra, DeGarmo & Key, Rez Band as well as others. Impressed by his work and after a fortuitous meeting last winter, Greg graciously joined forces with us. The outcome of this collaboration is this limited pressing, available exclusively through Christian Vinyl and Girder Music. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of musical history!

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