Altar Boys - Against The Grain (Vinyl)

  • Copies may be opened and vary in condition
  • 80's Rock
  • 1987 Frontline Records
  • For fans of: Daniel Band, Rick Cua, Daniel Amos

Against the Grain was clearly the most polished of all the Altar Boys album, with Broken being one of the most requested songs of the 1987 Christian Rock circuit.

Mike StandÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__(guitar, lead vocals),Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__Ric AlbaÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__(bass, vocals) andÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__Jeff CrandallÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__(drums, vocals) formed the CCM hard rock trioÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__Altar BoysÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__in the early '80s; the band released five albums before splitting up by the turn of the decade.Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__Altar Boys'Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__self-titled debut was released in 1984 by the Ministry Resource Center.Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__When You're a RebelÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__appeared the next year on the Broken label, whileÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__Gut Level MusicÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__(1986) andÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__Against the GrainÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__(1987) followed.Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__The Altar Boys'Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__final studio album (four compilations have also appeared) was Forever Music (1989). The band also released a video package, called Mercy Is What We Cry For.Ì_åÇÌÎÌ__StandÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__later formed theÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__Clash of Symbols, whileÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__CrandallÌ_åÇÌÎÌ__became a worship pastor in Victorville, California.

1. Fallen World
2. Kids Are On the Run
3. Hearts Lost in Nowhere
4. Broken
5. Where's the New World
6. Against the Grain
7. Human Sounds
8. Take Control
9. Shout Louder!
10. Count on Love

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